Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Tip of a Drumstick® :-)

By Missy Tippens

Though school has started back, it’s definitely still summer in Georgia! As I’m typing this at 11 pm, it’s 75 degrees outside. And I just had inspiration for my post.

A Drumstick® ice cream cone. Or as they call it, The Original Sundae Cone. ®

Very inspirational, don’t you think?? :)

When I went to the Nestle Drumstick website to see if I could find a photo of one to use, I found the history of the treat. First off, a Syrian waffle-maker named Ernest Hamwi showed the first ice cream cone at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Then in 1928, I.C. Parker had the idea of coating an ice cream cone with chocolate and peanuts. When he did so, his wife said it looked like a fried chicken leg—or drumstick! :) Thus, its name. He and his brother started the Frozen Drumstick Sales Co soon after. Then years later, they added the chocolate lining inside the cone. They also added the part that so inspired me tonight—the little plug of chocolate in the tip of the cone.

Oh, I love that last bite! Weren’t they ingenious? You’re chomping along, a little sad once the ice cream is gone. But then that last little reward…a last burst of melting chocolate with a bit of cone crunch.

There’s nothing like a summer evening and a Drumstick. What about you? What’s your favorite summer snack? Or a food that always makes you think of summer?

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Stephanie Newton said...

I LOVE Drumsticks, Missy! And the last bite is my absolute favorite!! I'd have to say my favorite treat is a snowball, though. Shaved ice with yummy can even get them stuffed with soft serve ice cream. They're dangerous, but oh-so-good on a hot summer day!

Missy Tippens said...

Oh,my. I've never heard of putting ice cream inside a sno-cone!! Where do you get them?

Wait. Don't tell me! LOL

Anonymous said...

I find it bizzaro that I just finished a chocolate Drumstick when I clicked on this post. I KID YOU NOT. Talk about great minds.

Missy Tippens said...

Great minds, great taste, Tina. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Project Journal said...

Hi Missy!
My family are HUGE ice cream fans! Lol...we get "creamies" as they're called in Vermont all the time. My sister and I picked up bad habits from our grandpa though...when we were a bit younger, Grandpa would ALWAYS have a dish of ice cream before bed. He would say, "Guess I need a dish f ice cream to settle my stomach before bed. What do you think Monkey-shine(his pet name for us)? Think you better have some too?" It never failed, plus we got lots of ice cream! : )

Ramona Richards said...

Drumsticks are my favorite - and I also feel like such a kid checking out with one. And I love that last little smidgen of chocolate in the bottom tip. The taste of summer!

Missy Tippens said...

Hannah, my husband has frozen yogurt every night. With cookies and dark chocolate. :)

Ramona, I buy the big 8-pack box of Drumsticks. :) And this week, it was gone in like 3 days!!

Pat Davids said...

Ice cream is my down fall in life. I'd be a slim stick if my side of town didn't have fifteen drive up places where I can't get anything from shakes to handpacked quarts.
Honestly, though, Drumsticks were my favorite childhood treat.