Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book giveaways!

Update (9/27/09): Congratulations to Jessiecue who won these 8 books!

Camy here, with a few Love Inspired book giveaways!

One winner will get all eight books!

Be My Neat-Heart
Judy Baer

(This book got banged up a bit when it was first mailed to me)

Men come and go, but clutter is forever.

I've been told the reason I'm still single at twenty-nine is because there'll never be a man tidy enough for me. I'm a professional organizer, so everything in my world is in perfect order. Well....everything except my love life.

But I think I've met my match in Jared Hamilton, who recently hired me to cure his sister's "clutter issues." He's an even bigger neatnik than I am, but he also needs to control everyone around him. I'm starting to realize that sometimes love can be messy business!

Buried Secrets
Margaret Daley

Hidden treasure? Fresh from her grandfather's funeral, Maggie Somers was shocked to find his home--all she had left of him--ransacked. What wasn't so shocking was that a Collier stood among the wreckage. Maggie had grown up hearing all about the Collier clan--liars and thieves who couldn't be trusted. Yet Zach Collier asked Maggie to have faith in him, to put their feud and their families' to rest. His grandfather had also recently passed away. Zach was sure the man--like Maggie's grandfather--had been murdered for something hidden among his possessions. Something Zach and Maggie had to uncover before they became targets.

Buried Sins
Marta Perry

Had her brand-new husband been involved in something shady? Before Caroline Hampton could confront him, he was killed in a car crash...or so it was claimed. Unsettling incidents escalating in dange warned her he could be very much alive. And so Caroline fled for the safety of her sisters' Amish country inn. But someone who suspected her handsome police chief Zachary Burkhalter was waiting for Caroline. Waiting for her to slip up. And watching her every move. Daring her to trust him with all of the truth.

Deadly Homecoming
Barbara Phinney

Who killed the bride and groom?

Everyone thinks it was "that troublemaker," Peta Donald. Gossips say she came home to stop the wedding. That jealousy led her to murder.

No one on Northwind Island believes that Peta has changed since her youth. And nothing has changed in town. Peta is still shunned by everyone. Everyone except Lawson Mills, whose appearance on the island is as mysterious as the double murders. Peta is sure he has an ulterior motive for helping clear her name. Full of questions about another set of murders, Lawson is secretive about himself. Until they discover what's behind Peta's deadly homecoming…

Hide In Plain Sight
Marta Perry


She couldn't turn her back on her family in their time of need. So when her sister was injured, financial expert Andrea Hampton traded the big city for Amish country to help turn her grandmother's house into an inn.

But life with the Plain People took a treacherous turn when a string of accidents and pranks threatened her family. Someone didn't want the secrets the old house harbored to come to light. Trusting anyone-- even the handsome carpenter who seemed so genuine--was a battle for Andrea, but her life depended on her ability to find the truth.

MIA: Missing in Atlanta
Debby Giusti


Granted, he hadn't known her long, but returning war hero Jude Walker expected to eventually marry the woman he'd met during his last leave. Not find her missing. Or learn that her last known address was a homeless shelter in a dangerous part of the city. The shelter's temporary director, Sarah Montgomery, didn't know Jude's friend. But she knew the streets, knew the dangers--from drugs and prostitution to the most cold-blooded of criminals--right outside her door. Knew that the handsome, brave captain was in for heartache. And that falling in love with him was her riskiest move yet.

Missing Persons
Shirlee McCoy

Leave while you still can

The warning had been spray-painted on Lauren Owens's walls. And whoever had vandalized her house meant business. But Lauren couldn't--wouldn't--leave the Magnolia College campus. Not when she'd finally found her way back to Seth Chartrand, the single father who'd broken her heart years ago. And not when the cold-case murder everyone was talking about remained scarily unsolved--including the young woman's identity. Because Lauren had a sinking feeling she knew exactly who the victim was....

Nowhere to Run
Valerie Hansen

"Run and don't stop!"

Those were her former boyfriend's last words. Before the thugs he associated with murdered him in cold blood. Now they're after Marie Parnell. She flees with her five-year-old daughter—until car trouble strands her in Serenity, Arkansas. The handsome mechanic who promises to get her back on the road is suspicious—and purposely slow. With nowhere to turn and nowhere left to run, Marie tells Seth Whitfield everything. About her past, about finding faith, about how safe she feels with him. He vows to protect her and her child. But Seth isn't exactly who he says he is….

Blog book giveaway:

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The winner can expect their free books in 4-6 weeks.

You have a month to enter--I'll pick a name out of a hat on Thursday, September 24th. (BTW, you can post a comment and NOT enter, too.)

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