Monday, August 31, 2009

My weekend

I spent Saturday morning at the football field watching my oldest granddaughter cheerleading (on the end). She is in 3rd grade. I remember when I grew up we didn't have cheerleaders until junior high school. Now they start in kindergarten. Like so many things, our kids are doing things so much younger than my generation.

After the football game, three of my four granddaughters came over to my house for a few hours. We played Wii--the sports version. I did the skills test and made a 74. The lower the score the better. Obviously I'm not very good. I did all right with bowling and tennis but in the baseball section, I didn't hit one ball. That doesn't surprise me. I wasn't really good at softball. I would rather duck when a ball was thrown toward me than hit it or catch it. I was hit by a ball when I was young. Hence the ducking.

Aren't grandchildren great?!!

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Lyn Cote said...

I was never good at gym either!