Monday, August 17, 2009

Romance is in the Air

I wonder if you're like me? I sign on to the computer and even though I close my eyes, I still scan the news briefs. Back in July, this headline caught me: 106-year-old Single Gal Still Dating. Hmmm, as a romance writer, I couldn't resist.

Here's what I read, courtesy of

"Statia Kealy of Ireland has never married, smoked, drank or even put on makeup. So maybe that's why she's finally ready to cut loose and hit the dating scene at the tender age of 106. Statia, who could easily pass for 88 or 89, says she's looking for love. If you know any centenarians who live near Ireland, maybe you should pass along her number. She's got a sense of humor, telling one reporter, "Those that get married do well, but those that don't do better." Fiery!"

You know, maybe I can use Statia as an argument next time I want to write an older heroine. Right now, my heroines all seem to be in their twenties. LOL. When I was in my twenties, you could write what I knew about real romance on my pinkie fingernail and still have room left over.

I was in my forties before I matured enough to recognize a prince from a frog? How about you?


Project Journal said...

Oh wow! That is amazing about that woman : ) Good for her!
Ok, I'll be honest...I'm only 17. At my age it's about wanting to be mature enough to be in a relationship with someone, introducing your parents to the idea, and going for it! However, I'm not the best teenager to talk to...never had a boyfriend. But I do know that that is what it's all about right now. I'm in a predicament though! My prom date(a friend, he asked me) is who I'm crushing on I suppose. But I do not know my next move! : ) I'll just wait and see I guess...

Pamela Tracy said...

Sometimes knowing 'how' to wait is the most rewarding move of all.

Project Journal said...

Very true...sometimes it's just so hard though! But I trust that if it is in God's plan for me to wait, then I should wait.