Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My summer fun

I know some of you out there are great at being a gardener. Well, I'm not for several reasons. I still remember having to help my mother in the garden as a child. Let's just say I didn't inherit her green thumb. She was great at growing things. I'm not. I didn't like gardening as a child, and I haven't changed my mind in all those years. And while we on the subject of the outdoors, I don't camp out either. My idea of roughing it is a two star hotel.

Well, anyway I decided to help my husband these past few weeks with our yard work and gardens since I'm retired now. In the two times I worked outside with him, we found two snakes and I think every mosquito in the neighborhood feasted on me. I'm now over the urge to help my husband with the garden. He's on his own.


Pamela Tracy said...

My best gardening experience happened in third grade. In October the teacher handed out pumpkin seeds. I came home and threw them in the back yard. They grew. Last time that happened to anything I did or did not plant! Oh, my husband and I planted an orange tree many years ago. We got one orange. One. Husband chopped down tree.

Margaret Daley said...

I knew you and I were alike, Pamela. Black thumbs unite.

Camy Tang said...

Pamela and Margaret, we are kindred black thumbs. I have killed many plants, most recently my cyclamen, and before that, strawberries.

EllenToo said...

Can I join the black thumb club??? I don't even try any longer. If it pops up out of the ground and grows all by itself it can stay otherwise it can go somewhere else. And amazingly enough I do have some surviving plants that someone else planted for me.

Margaret Daley said...

Ellen, it is interesting where I want to grow something in the yard, I have problems but then other places that aren't good for certain things grow. I have trees grow in the most unusual places but few where I plant them.

Pamela Tracy said...

My son gave me a flower for Mother's Day. Amazing! I watered it and got two flowers. After a week, I had three flowers. I decided this was a great flower. So, I watered it and put it on the window sill so it could get some sun.
It died.