Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"After The Storm" Continuity Series

Victoria Bylin here . . . Instead of blogging today, I thought I'd pass on the link to Valerie Hansen's prequel novella to the "After the Storm" continuity series. The story is set in High Plains, Kansas, a small town devastated by a tornado. The series is comprised of 9 books. The first six are contemporaries, and it starts in July with Val's book, "Healing the Boss's Heart." The last three jump back in time to 1860. I wrote No. 3 in the historical segment. It's the caboose in a long train.

The train is leaving now with Val's prequel . . . Here's the link. I hope you enjoy it!


And a little note . . . I'm blogging Thursday at http://www.petticoatsandpistols.com/ It's a children's story about a writer named Miss Rabbit. It's light and fun and hope you stop by and say hello!

Wishing you all the best,
Victoria Bylin


Project Journal said...

Wait! So how does this work? I know that there are 6 in the Love inspired Romance, right? But what are the others? I'm confused!

Pat Davids said...

The prequel is on line now.

The first book in the contemporary stories is just hitting the shelves in stores this week. All 6 are all Love Inspired books. There will be one each month through December. My book, A Family For Thanksgiving is...you guessed it, the fifth book and a November release.

Then I believe in January, Love Inspired Historicals will start a three book series set in the same town and will tell how the town of High Plains was settled by the great, great, great and more, grandparents of the modern day characters.

It should be a lot of fun.