Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking The Challenge

I’m Victoria Bylin, and I write westerns for Love Inspired Historicals. I’m not the least bit shy when talking to people one-on-one or in small groups, but put me in front of a microphone and I lose my bearings. Considering how God often works in my life, it’s not surprising I ended up in that situation a few weeks ago.

Halfway into a Bible study I recently took, the leader challenged us to name something we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing. I wrote down, “Public Speaking.” The next day I received an email asking me if I’d like to speak to a writers group in Northern Virignia. I felt as if God had heard my reluctance and decided it was time for a quick cure.

As things turned out, I agreed to do a short program on historical research for NVCA, the Northern Virginia Christian Writers. It’s a small but active group of authors in various places on the road to publication. I was nervous when I first arrived, but the leader, Johnese Burtram, immediately put me at ease. When she introduced me, she told the group I was on my “maiden voyage” as a speaker. People smiled, and I knew I was among friends.

I don’t think my presentation will make the history books for anyone except me, but I hope people came away with a nugget or two, something new for a writer’s tool box. I know I did . . . I learned that I actually like to speak to groups. I also learned not to tell God what I don’t want to do! With this foray into public speaking, he gave he a chance to grow. I’m glad I took it and look forward to growing even more as both a Christian and an author.

For more about that journey, visit www.victoriabylin.com


Stephanie Newton said...

Good for you for saying yes! It's so hard to step out of the comfort zone and such a blessing when we do (usually)! :)


Victoria Bylin said...

Hi Steph! It turned out to be fun, but public speaking is definitely out of my usual range. God is good! And full of surprises : )