Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer. Yea!

Summer is coming! Summer is coming! Don’t you just love it? School will be out so the grandkids will be able to visit more often. We’ll plan little trips to local museums or zoos and have wonderful days. I love summer.

Summer means golden wheat fields waving in the wind and huge combines like prehistoric monsters gobbling them up. I love to watch the process of the grain pouring out into the trucks. It brings back memories of playing in the grain like a sandpile when I was a kid.

Summer used to mean camping trips to the lake, but thankfully those days are over. I wouldn’t have traded them for anything, but I never was that fond of a sleeping bag. I’m more a Best Western kind of camper.

One of the summer’s best things is coming up soon. The Romance Writers of America’s National Conference will be in Washington D.C. this year. It’s great to meet face to face with writers and publishing professionals from around the world. I’m so excited about going. I hope to see some of you there.

What do you love or hate about summer?

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