Monday, March 9, 2009

What Does a Romance Writer Do When the Kid's Asleep

Here in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, we cuddle up on the couch and watch Adam 12. Yup, I’m serious: Adam 12. We’re on season two, disc two. I keep track because it is my favorite date thing to do, right now, with my husband.

My husband likes the show because of all the 60’s stuff. He’s forever hitting me and yelling Slug Bug. (He’ll grow up someday). He’s also technical. He points out things that ‘couldn’t’ happen quite like Adam 12 has portrayed them on television (Don’t be upset Adam 12; he does this with current TV, too). He is adamant that on the show where a baby was thrown from a car (Don’t worry; baby lived), the baby could not have landed where it did. He grumbled on another show about a baby left in the care of a very small sibling. Husband didn’t think baby would be as clean as it was portrayed (I agreed with him).

As for me, romantic suspense author, I’m intrigued by the way cops did things back then. For example, in one episode Reed and Malloy respond to a domestic dispute. Malloy is holding a gun on the man and Reed runs next door (apartment building) to use the phone. Then, there’s another episode where Reed and Malloy are looking for a rapist. They find him, open the truck of his car, and there’s a blanket with a bloody knife lying on top (My critique group would say too convenient, Pam). Malloy picks up the knife. I’m freaking. He’s touched it!

A few of the episodes are available with commentary. So, as Reed and Malloy do their jobs, a couple of retired cops dish on how right the show was and how wrong the show was. According to the real cops, Reed and Malloy didn’t handcuff enough. According to the real cops, the show encouraged many young men to become cops.

I, for my suspense books, wonder about quite a few things, like what hasn’t changed. Are two men cars still called Adam? I think so. Is a one man vehicle stilled called a Mary? Does a voice still instruct the cop to “see the woman at…” And, I also wonder what percent of calls are ridiculous.

When we’re done with season two of Adam 12, we’ll switch to Emergency. We’re on season two with it, too. Then, I found a new golden oldie, one I’d never heard of called The Rookies.

So, what golden oldie do you miss?


Vince said...

Hi Pamela:

I’d love to see a season of “Have Gun Will Travel”. I just wonder what I would think of it today.


Pamela Tracy said...

I've never even heard of that one... but keep in mind, I'd never heard of the Rookies until I ordered it from Amazon. Who was in "Have Gun...?"

LuAnn said...

Green Acres! That was such a fun show.

Pamela Tracy said...

I remember Green Acres. Of course, it would be hard to sell to LI as the hero and heroine are married LOL. But, the setting, the community, the secondary characters might work for the Mule Hollow series. What do you say, Deb? Have Gun Will Travel sounds like a very suspenseful story, but I'm thinking Gun won't make it to the title.

Debra Clopton said...

HiPam--I do try to make Mule Hollow as down home as I can. It does remind me of the fun of Green Acres sometimes :) As for Have Gun Will Travel--was that the one with Jame Garner--if so I really enjoyed it!

Janet Tronstad said...

Oh, I remember Have Gun Will Travel. Isn't that the guy in the suit (looking pretty uptown for the Old West)? I think the one with James Garner was Gunsmoke.

Pamela, sounds like you and the hubby have a fun time watching the oldies.

Pamela Tracy said...

Okay, now I have to go to Amazon and look into Have Gun Will Travel.
Deb, I thought of your books immediately with the mention of Green Acres. Janet, sometimes that half hour of Adam 12 is the only 'alone' time we get.
Yup, Don, me, Reed, and Malloy.

Vince said...


'Have Gun Will Travel', a CBS hit, ran from 1957 to 1963. Richard Boone played Paladin, a hired gun, who for $1,000 would leave his fancy SF hotel residence and solve your problem. Many who hired him just wanted him to kill someone but he was not a cold blooded killer. He wore black and was very serious. He was not a pretty boy like Maverick, or Adam West in other cowboy shows. BTW, DVD’s are available for the first two seasons. I’ll have to check eBay for the best price.


Vince said...

Hi Janet:

James Gardner played ‘Maverick’. James Arness played Matt Dillon in ‘Gunsmoke’. These are not history to me. I saw all these live. LOL.

Pamela Tracy said...

Okay, is Maverick the one where he was a detective and his dad was always there? I well remember Gunsmoke. It's a romance. I was always waiting for the sheriff and Miss Kitty to get together. Festus [sp?} scared me.

Vince said...

Hi Pamlea:

‘Maverick’ is an earlier TV show where James Gardner played a gambler and his brother played a part sometimes. Usually one or the other was in a mess. Later, James Gardner played a detective in “The Rockford Files” and his love interest was Gretchen Corbett who played the lawyer, Beth Davenport. (At the time I think I was in love with Gretchen Corbett.) BTW, they made a movie not too long ago with Maverick characters. It was not very good.

Missy Tippens said...

How fun, Pamela! The oldies we watch don't go quite that far back. But we have seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond. And I already have a season of House on DVD. Oh, and I also have Seinfeld. Now those are great episodes to revisit! :)


Missy Tippens said...

Of course, unless I decide to write a medical romance someday, none of those would apply to my writing! LOL

Pamela Tracy said...

How fun to admit who we loved. You know, when I was a little girl, I remember watching Here Comes the Brides and there was a character on it named Bridget. I thought she was so beautiful. I had planned on naming my first daughter Bridget. Hmmm, I'm pretty sure this was the same time the Dean Martin Show was on and I told my parents I wanted to be a Gold-digger when I get up.

Pamela Tracy said...

I think I've only seen Everybody Loves Raymond maybe twice. I've never seen House. If I want to watch something, I watch it late at night in my office while everyone is sleeping. Mommy's don't get to choose. My TV is either on Sprout or DYI.

Pat Davids said...

Hey Vince, I have season one of Have Gun, Will Travel. It certainly isn't as good as I remembered from when I was a kid.
I miss Stargate SG1.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

I miss CHIPS. LOL! Anyone remember that? Okay so it's not REALLY a very oldie...but it's the first one that came to mind...probably because of the police picture. LOL!

Fun post!


LuAnn said...

The one night I was allowed to stay up late when I was a kid was the night Gunsmoke was on. Pretty wild, huh?!
Vince, do you remember when Matt asked Miss Kitty to marry him? And she turned him down?
I remember that episode and every time I hear that country song about it, I start yelling "But he did ask her!"

Pamela Tracy said...

Wow, I missed Matt asking Miss Kitty to marry him. Of course, they say once the H and H get together on television, it's doom and gloom for the series. I liked Wings more before the wedding. And, yes, Chips. Eric whatever his last name was... yum.