Friday, February 6, 2009

Writing from Real Life

Sometimes real life is funnier than something we can create. I was reading through one of my manuscripts that I'm revising for possible publication, and I found a scene that came from real life. When the kids were younger, my husband stopped our daughter Brenda from wearing white shoes early in May. Our son Dave stood nearby questioning why she couldn't wear them. Their dad said, "People don't wear white shoes until after Memorial Day. " Dave cocked his head wearing a deep frown. "Dad, is that in the Bible?"

I couldn't have thought of a funnier line on my own.

When I was up in northern Michigan -- Alpena, to be exact -- and spent an afternoon with my cousin, we took her out to lunch. I didn't pay attention to the name of the restaurant, but when we went inside and I saw the menu, I laughed. It took me back so many years when my sister and I were teens and had a date with two young men who were friends. They took us to this restaurant, called the Olde Owl Tavern and Grille. Owl, I suppose, because they stayed open late.

We looked at the menu (click on it for a better view and then use the back button to return to the blog). I noticed my sister had become quiet. Her face had taken on one of those screwed-up looks as if she wasn't happy with her options. I looked at my date and said,"What do you like?" His eyes glimmered, and he said, "I'd recommend the Owl burger deluxe. It's really good."

I decided to order his recommendation, then looked at my sister. She gave us a glazed-eye look and said, "I don't think I want that. I've never eaten owl."

I laughed so hard and so did they. She was mortified. I had to explain the burger was named after the cafe and not what was in it. I wonder what she thinks about ordering a Big Boy.

I commemorate the occasion by having my husband take a photo of my cousin and me outside the infamous and memoriable Olde Owl Tavern and Grille. I cherish those wonderful memories and I'm sure you cherish yours, too.


Pat Davids said...

I clicked on the menu and had to start laughing. My husband is called Big Dave and I'm Patty. Both of us on the same menu as the Old Owl Burger. How cute!

Pat (Patty to my family) Davids

Gail Gaymer Martin said...

Hey Pat, now that made me laugh. I love patty melts. (laughing)
Glad you enjoyed the menu.


Theresa L said...

This story was great! I had a good laugh! Laughter is the best medicine!