Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Mommy Balancing Act

My name is Dana Corbit, and my life is out of balance. Wow, that feels so good to get that off my chest. Does anyone else in the room want to share? Oh, you want me to go first? Fine, I discovered this week that I’m struggling with Mommy Balancing Act. Am I addicted to my lack of balance? Er, well, maybe, but for the sake of today’s discussion, we’ll just say I’m struggling with it.

I preface my statement with the reality that I am reaching crunch time on a deadline. Those of you who share my joy and misery of book writing might be able to commiserate directly, but any of you who balance your lives as wives, mothers, daughters and employees might be able to relate as well. I feel as if I’m holding this huge balance scale with only two sides and then trying to throw one hundred-percent effort in each direction without knocking either of the balance plates on the ground. Let’s just say my scale is on the fritz.

My failure was clearest this week while my daughters were home from school on this parent-torture event called the “Mid-Winter Break.” Now did I mention I’m on deadline? So each moment when the scene for my characters was snapping with attraction was also a moment when I wasn’t playing Apples-to-Apples with the girls. And each moment when I was shopping for cool hair accessories or watching delicious chick flicks with the girls, I wasn’t giving my heroine the chance to find the person who will fill the empty place in her heart.

Oh, and did I tell you I’m on deadline? The result was guilt and plenty of it. You know guilt, that special gift God gives all moms.

Well, I probably should begin my Ten-Step Program soon, but I have other priorities right now. I need to get the girls ready to go back to school tomorrow and I have a book to finish.

An award-winning author and an award-winning journalist, Dana Corbit has written ten books for Steeple Hill Love Inspired. The busy wife and mother of three adolescent daughters enjoys doting on her recently adopted cats, Leonardo and Annabelle Lee.


Vince said...

Hi Dana:

I love your comment:

"You know guilt, that special gift God gives all moms.”

Moms sure know how to use that 'gift' to get what they want. (LOL)

BTW, the life you describe reminds me of running a small business all by yourself with no help. I have a saying that runs through my head all the time:

“Whenever you’re doing something, you’re not doing something else.”

You know, you could always read an Inspirational. It works for me. Oh, but that means the authors have to make their deadlines. Sorry. Back to work.


Cheryl Wyatt said...

Dana, I have always admired how you put your family first. I remember that advice you gave me when I was aspiring to be published.

Great post...thanks for being transparent. It's nice to know that others struggle with balance too.

I LOVE the cover of your book! The purple hues with white wicker..so inviting! Can't wait to read it.