Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

Birthday Blessings

My birthday was on Valentine's Day. I tried to ignore it since I was turning (gasp!) 40 which really bothered me. I woke up in a melancholy mood and feared it would last all day.

Within moments I heard about the deaths of two women, mothers both, in their 20’s and 30’s. Suddenly turning 40 looked MUCH better than the alternative.

Refreshed and ready to tackle Mount Laundry now, I took ten steps, bent wrong at the waist and popped my hip. EXCRUCIATING pain. I had a major reconstruction of my hip area that’s problematic if I move wrong. Guess what? I moved wrong. And I knew I’d pay for my bad body mechanics with the sum of pain all day.

I have an extremely high pain tolerance, but this hip pop and ensuing pain caused me to bow over and sob on the spot. Haven't cried like that since I slid down a steep hill and scraped my behind and legs on an enormous cactus patch in New Mexico.

Unaccustomed to hearing me cry like that, my family rushed to see what was wrong. I like to be private with pain. Not a good thing I know. I went from sobbing to laughing because I couldn't get away from the doters because I couldn't walk at the moment. I tried. More pain! LOL! Stuck, I stooped there sobbing, "I'm okay! Go on. I'm fine, really!" While inside I silently screeched, "Can a gal's birthday get any worse?"

Wide-eyed, they scooted away. An hour later my laundry was sorted and both machines were running with every member of the house pitching in without me asking. My sister called and offered to come conquer Mt Laundry. Then my teen niece emerged with food she'd cooked for my family so I wouldn't have to. Picture golden breaded chicken breast tenders, corn, cooked carrots, real mashed potatoes AND a decadent yellow birthday cake with THE thickest layer of homemade chocolate icing you've ever seen!

Then Romance B(u)y the Book's blog owner informed me I'd won a 250 dollar Border gift certificate. Most writers are avid readers.

Could a gal's birthday get any better?

I think the sweetest thing God did for me on that day was show me how very much I have to be thankful for. And when I started to wallow in a melancholy mood, He gently steered me to realize all I have to be joyful for.

In my upcoming release, Ready-Made Family the heroine was put in a place to have to depend on others. I wrote that book when I was in the midst of healing from hip surgery. My author copies showed up just in time for my birthday and helped me to remember just how far God has removed me from that season of chronic pain. My birthday turned out amazing mostly because I was reminded by God and those around me just how loved I am. And how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I do.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What has been your favorite birthday and why? What about your hardest? Funniest? Best gift you ever received? Best gift you ever gave?

Don’t leave me talking to myself here. I’ll not hold up under the boredom. LOL! Talk away!

Blessings, Cheryl Wyatt


Ausjenny said...

im not sure my best birthday but i know my worst! 40 was good but 30 was a nightmare. firstly i cant remember what mum gave me but it was money or somthing so i didn't get a gift from her. it was saturday so no mail. no one rang or visited till 5pm then a neighbour came in. then nothing so i was going to watch the skating for the olympics and someone came around 7.30 and then spent the time visiting with mum not me! it was a birthday i really didn't enjoy. cards did come on the monday. after that i make sure i go out for my birthday.
Oh my best or one of the ones i loved was about 4 years ago I was in Perth watching my beloved western warriors (cricket team) Play. what could be better for a cricket fanatic than watching my cricket team win on my birthday. even had photos with several of the cricketers.
Best gift was an autographed team photo of my cricket team. followed by my autograph bear.
I sure hope your hip is doing much better.

Margaret Daley said...

That's a beautiful, uplifting story. He does meet our needs. When I worked at story, it was so neat walking into my classroom after a particularly difficult day teaching and seeing a bouquet of flowers from my husband for my birthday, two days early because the store delivered them on the wrong day.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Jenny, thank you for sharing your birthday experiences. As you know I LOVE cricket. I would love to spend your birthday watching a match with you some time. LOL!

And yes, my hip stayed numb for a couple of days but seems back to normal now. Thank you for asking!



Cheryl Wyatt said...

LOL! Margaret that's so cute about the flowers. And funny about them coming early. I can SO see that in a romance novel.

Thank you for sharing the story with us.


Vince said...

Hi Cheryl:

As a Western Philosopher, I always wanted to go to Greece and walk in the footsteps of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. On my big ‘5-0’ I did this and I even walked by the Temple of the Unknown Gods, mentioned by St. Paul in the Bible. I then climbed up on the huge bolder where St. Paul stood to teach the Good News to the Athenians. From about two stories up, I could see everything St. Paul saw and it was a perfect day with the famous ‘Greek light’, the poets are so fond of, illuminating the world. That was my best birthday.

My wife did me one better however. She went to the Holy Land and was baptized in the river Jordan with her church group.

I enjoyed your story. You give literal meaning to “I cried until I laughed.” (I know it is the other way around but then you’re original.) BTW, you are a great tour guide of the best romance web sites. Thanks a million.


Cheryl Wyatt said...

Vince that is so awesome that your wife got to be baptized there!!!

Thanks for coming by our blog!


Linda Hall said...

Only 40? What a youngster you are! Beautiful story - though.

Cheryl Wyatt said...


Thanks for coming by.



Missy Tippens said...

Cheryl, I knew it was your birthday, but I didn't know it was A BIG birthday!!!!!!!! So exciting!!

My best was my 40th. It was, uh, just a few years ago. :) And I had so much fun. The church staff along with my hubby came to pick me up for a b-day lunch in the local nursing home limo. LOL And they had the owner/driver come to the door with a wheelchair for me. I laughed so hard I thought I might need the Depends they presented me with. :)

It was one of the best b-days.

I'm glad your day got better and better. I hope the hip is okay now, with no damage.


Mystery and Mayhem said...

Cheryl, happy birthday. I haven't had anything so noteworthy on my birthdays. I just make my own birthday cakes since I'm the one home most times, and sometimes I enjoy breakfast in bed.

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Missy...ROFL about the nursing home birthday trip! Your friends and family seem like total hoots. How fun!

Thanks for coming by.

Barbara, thank you for the birthday wishes. How I wish I could bake...but I'm a kitchen disaster. I admire anyone who bakes. Thanks for coming by!