Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An interview with my main character

This is a first for me - Lilly Johnson, the main character of my July Love Inspired release, Shadows at the Window, was interviewed! You can read 'her' responses 


Meanwhile, I am surrounded by boxes! This past week my husband and I moved out of the home we've lived in for fifteen years and are now the proud owners of a brand new and very lovely townhouse/condo. Here's something - on the day of the move I put some "Very Important Papers" - my checkbook and a few other 'important' things in a 'special' place so I wouldn't lose them in the move. You guessed it! I have no idea where that special place is!

Here's a picture of me on my brand new Kona bike. 

Linda Hall

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Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey Linda. My hubby and I were both in the CAF so moving here to the farm was our 7th move.

Yes! I can relate to you. I'm still looking for things I put in a safe place 2 moves ago. :)

Have a God day.