Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting ready for the RWA conference

Every year the Romance Writer's of America have a conference and this year it's in San Francisco at the end of July. Thousands of writers, editors and agents come together for these few days. In addition to taking part in the Steeple Hill meetings, one of my most fun goals in attending is to get to know other authors better. If you're going to the conference, what do you hope to do?


Debra Clopton said...

Hi Janet--for me attending the RWA conference is just a huge blast! I love it. RWA is where I learned to write. I love listening to workshops taught by authors I admire. I also spend so much of my time alone that it is my excuse to get out of the house! I absolutely love getting to network with my editor. And on top of the list is that I love hanging out with other writers. If it wasn't for conference I wouldn't know any of you :)

And of course being a road trip kinda gal, I love any excuse to pack a bag and see new areas of the country each year. This will actually be my first trip to SF and I'm really looking forward to it.

Janet Tronstad said...

Debra --

I am looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco! If you want to take a side trip to the wharf or something let me know.


Pamela Tracy said...

Okay, I confess what do I hope to do! Well, win the RITA!!!! Huh? Oh, yeah both Linda Goodnight and Irene Hannon are up for it too. Oh, Linda, I hope you win. No, no, Irene, I hope you win. No, Linda and Irene, I hope there's a tie. SIGH. Here's what I really hope to do. Same as Debra, smooze with both editor and fellow writers. See Alcatraz. Ride a trolley. Go to Nob Hill. Eat at a restaurant that has an ocean view. And live through missing my husband and my three year old son. Okay, yes, I will miss the three year old more. Don't tell my husband.

Janet Tronstad said...

Oh, Pamela -- I hope, hope, hope you will win the RITA (I'll hope the same for Linda and Irene, too). It is so great that we have three Steeple Hill authors up there to cheer for!!