Thursday, July 17, 2008

Romantic at any age?

I am very curious to see what reader response I get to my latest, A Dry Creek Courtship, because the heroine and hero are in their mid-seventies.

I know sometimes a romance novel will venture into the fifties with their characters, but I think it's rare to go older than that. I hesitated when the Steeple Hill editors suggested (strongly) that I do the story of these two long-term secondary characters (Mrs. Hargrove and Charlie). Do any of you know of other romances that have characters in their seventies (or eighties)? Do you think readers will welcome that age group? Do you as a reader want to read romances about people who are older than you?


Ausjenny said...

I read a novella with the charactors in there 70's they lived in a retirement village. I did enjoy it. If its well written I dont have a problem with older charactors. I like seeing some older leads.

Pamela Tracy said...

Okay, this is not a romance, but it had a touch of romance in it come about book six. Mrs. Pollifax! And she met her husband on in Africa while on assignment. I think Dorothy Gilman's books show that there is a market for heroines in their seventies. Let's tap it!

Janet Tronstad said...

Jenny and Pamela --
Let's hope lots of people are as open to older romances as the two of you are. I do know Steeple Hill has a fair amount of older readers so there may be a market for romance heroines past 50. We'll see.


Crystal said...

Charlie is going to get his story? AWESOME! I can't wait to read it!

I love romances with older people as the focus. It reminds me, as I grow older and remain single, that romance always might be right around the corner! I also like them because often these older couples are the sweetest to read about.


Anita Mae Draper said...

Janet, anyone who's watched 'The Notebook' knows that romance isn't just for youngsters.

My father, a widower, got married again last Sept. He was 79 and his bride is around 70. From the way he touches her, their romance is alive and well. :)

Janet Tronstad said...

Crystal -- Yes, Charlie finds true love! I must admit my heart was touched by his romance (you're right, it's never too late).

Anita -- Congratulations to your father!! That's very cool.

Ausjenny said...

Crystal, I know what you mean having older main charactors gives us single girls hope.
today I saw a friend from Hockey days she must be late 40's and shes in love holding hands with her boyfriend and it was so sweet.
That gives me hope too.
The books on older couples that have tended to annoy me more were where they had been married for say 25 years and having mid life crisis. But the ones with a good story I have really enjoyed.

Lisa Mondello said...

Janet, I absolutely think that readers will enjoy this. I know I do. I've read several books by Suz Brockmann with secondary characters in their 70s and 80s. Romance keeps the heart young no matter how old you are!

PS. I enjoyed meeting you in San Francisco!

momma said...

Sometimes when older couples at church, at the mall, at the park are holding hands, teasing and flirting with each other, it gives me hope of that love yet to come. Keep writing, not all the readers are looking for the beautiful beauty queen and the handsome prince, but we like real people, real sizes and real ages with faith that enforces our own.