Friday, June 6, 2008

Valerie Hansen

Well, here I am. I know, I know, I'm early for the Grand Opening but I figured it was better to be early than late.

I've just been assigned to write the first book in another new series for 2009 and I'm so immersed in that project that I was afraid I might forget to check in on time. This series is going to be about a small town in Kansas and the tornado that leaves a path of destruction. As the citizens rebuild their town, they're also building new lives and renewing their faith. The other authors are Annie Jones, Brenda Minton, Carolyn Aarsen, Patricia Davids and Kathryn Springer. I've worked with several of these authors before and am delighted to be getting acquainted with new friends, too.

When I check in again on Monday - I hope - I'll talk more about my August 2008 historical, WILDERNESS COURTSHIP.

See ya'!


Lee Carver said...

Six different authors are writing books about one tornadoed town? Or six authors writing a story in one book? Either way, that's quite a coordination effort.

Ausjenny said...

Valerie congrats on the new assignment. look forward to the new books. and the one in August

Valerie Hansen said...

Yes, Lee, six different authors are coordinating an ongoing story that will take six books to complete. We work closely together, aiming to both tell the story of our own characters and set the scene for the books that follow. It's a big job but many readers really like the concept.
I'm happy to be involved.