Friday, June 27, 2008

New Mule Hollow book by Debra Clopton! THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE

Gail's post a couple of days ago Why Not Me? is such a true example of the angst, the ups and downs and doubts writers go through along the rocky path to publication. I was going to post a comment but because what she talked about is also the bases for my upcoming July book THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE I decided to make a blog post instead.
Like most authors I've been on both sides of that entry Gail blogged about. Before I was published I worked so hard and editors were really interested, but then I just couldn't seem to make my revisions meet with their vision of the story. And the sale wouldn't happen. So I began to ask God why? And I felt like I was running a race but was stuck on the track going round and couldn't find the off ramp to publication. Then the doubts started and I began feeling like God was actually asking me to give up my dream! What! No way could I even contemplate such a thing...after all I was almost published. Almost doing what God had called me to do. HOW could He be asking me to give it up?
Because I knew this is such a major struggle for writers I wanted to explore this in situation in my fun new Mule Hollow book THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE.
My heroine Sugar Rae Lenox has extremely stong reasons for knowing she is called to be an actress. But, she is always just missing her big break. And she's started feeling like God is asking her to give up her dream! God put a fighting spirit inside of Sugar and she's never given up on anything so surely she is misunderstanding God.

You can read the actual blurb on this website in the upcoming book link.

I believe this is a struggle and a question that each person must work out between you and God. In THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE Sugar Ray fights all the way to her answer while at the same time falling in love with cowboy Ross Denton. She, like I did, and like I hope you do to if you are struggling with similar doubts and decisions came to understand God's plan for her life when God's timing was right.
Like I always say, God's timing is worth waiting for because it's always the best timing. I know it was for me. But like my heroine, Sugar Ray, I fought through the doubts and held on and didn't give up in my quest. I'll forever be glad God put that fighting spirit inside of me so that I was able to persever...because if I had given up on my dream during all the years it took me to make my first sale then I would have really missed out on all the fun I'm having writing for Love Inspired!
Have you been to Mule Hollow yet? Come on and join the fun :)
Until next time, live, laugh and seek God with all your heart!
Debra Clopton


Anita Mae Draper said...

Yes Debra, I've been to Mule Hollow many times. The wonderful characters who live there are full of warmth and life. I love the humorous situations they get into. You are a fantastic storyteller.

So, how's the book coming where you and Janet team up the Mule Hollow and Dry Creek cousins? You know, for that Dry Hollow series?
Or was it Mule Creek?
Or maybe Hollow Creek?
Hmmm...Hollow Mule?
Dry Mule?

Janet Dean said...

Debbie, I love your books so I'm more than glad you didn't give up on your dream while you waited on God's timing. I think most writers go through that. I wrote historicals when they were hard to sell, at least for a newbie like me. In my discouragement, I wondered if I should keep on keeping on. Then Steeple Hill announced their plan to launch the Love Inspired Historical line. I submitted a manuscript and sold that book. :-) Courting Miss Adelaide will release in September.

Ausjenny said...

I would love to visit mule hollow and will look for your books when im in the city next (which is a few months away)

Janet Im glad you were able to get the contract for your historical book. I actually like them the best although i love others also.

Debra Clopton said...

Anita Mae you made me laugh out loud! Dry Mule....hmmmm I'll have to run that one by Janet we might have a new title LOL.

Actually, I just finished up my novella and am about to start revisions on it. It comes out next June and we are excited about it. My brain is fried right now--it gets that way on deadline--but my novella is titled A MULE HOLLOW MATCH and is the second in the 2-n-1 book. Honestly we talked about so many titles that I'm afraid I'll get Janet's wrong. She's going to pop in and tell you. I'm really excited to do this with Janet and really think the readers will enjoy what we've come up with!


Debra Clopton said...

Hi Ausjenny! and Janet!
Jenny I sooooo want to come to Austrailia some day! Of course I hate flying over water so I'll have to get over that before it actually happens. Do you live far from the city? It sounds like it in you email.

Janet you know I can't wait until you book comes out. And I have to tell you that I love the cover!!! What's more it fits you--for all you readers who haven't yet met Janet she is just the spunkiest, sassy gal out there and the cover of her book could be her under that cute hat. Check out Courting Miss Adelaide

Janet Tronstad said...

Anita Mae -- it just has to be Hollow Mule! LOL -- that has a real rugged sound to it!

Actually, my title within the Small-Town Brides book is A Dry Creek Wedding (it would have been match, but I'd already used that in a title).

Janet, I agree with Debra. I also thought of you under that hat. I can't wait to read your book. I love having another Janet around.

AusJenny -- I'm with Debra. I'd love to visit Australia. Maybe some day --

Anita Mae Draper said...

Debra, just wanted to let you know that after reading your blog here - again - last night, I realized I hadn't put my new book order in yet.

It's funny how you see something here then when all the new books on the eharl site pop up, yours stands out b/c I recognize it. So now, The Cowboy Takes a Bride is on its way. Yippee!

Thanks for blogging on this site.

Hey Janet T - I am so looking forward to your joint effort.

Ausjenny said...

debra im about 3 and a half hours by car but as i dont drive the bus takes 5 hours. I normally go a few times in summer and maybe one other time.
I can order online but then there is shipping etc.

the idea of flying is sleep! then you dont know where you are.