Monday, June 30, 2008

Saying Good-bye to a series

I just finished up the last of a four book series (The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches). I knew the series was done, but didn't want to say good-bye. It didn't help that I just got an email from a reader asking if I couldn't find a way to go beyond the four books. How do the rest of you --readers and writers alike -- feel about coming to the end of a series? I know as a reader I often wish series had more books. I get comfortable with characters and don't want to say good-bye.



Ausjenny said...

as a reader it is hard when a series ends sometimes but if they end on a good note tying up all loose ends its not so bad.
but if they leave you hanging then I dont like them ending.

Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey Janet, as you know, I love series books and will hoard them and then read them when I have the complete set. Although this is great for my mind, I'm beginning to realize it isn't that great for the authors who thrive on book reviews for sales, so I might have to change that.

If I'm to be honest, then I have to admit that I was glad when some of the series that I thoroughly enjoyed reading came to an end. Those seem to be the ones that have a thread of mystery running through them. Examples are:

- The Tiny Blessings Tale - wonderful books but until the final one, the story wasn't complete and once it was, what else was there?

- Faith on the Line and Faith at the Crossroads - intriging stories of faith and suspense but once I'd finished the last, I was ready for it to be put to rest. Like case closed.

Then there are other series that are joined together by a common bond like friends, family or location that when you're done reading one, you're not left with a question mark b/c that one sub-plot is left hanging. These are books like:

- Dry Creek :-)
- Mule Hollow
- Pennies From Heaven
- etc

So although I like the former series type for the occasional entertainment value, I thrive on the latter for their longlasting potential. These are the books I usually keep, but I've been known to give away when the occasion arises. These are inspirational books after all and not everyone is as avid a reader as I am. To someone who needs an inspirational story, a book that leaves sub-plots unanswered isn't exactly the best thing.

Series like your Dry Creek do not have an ending, so to finally answer your question, sometimes only God knows when it's the end.


Janet Tronstad said...

Ausjenny -- I wouldn't like loose ends either. When I tied up the Sisterhood, I don't believe I left any hanging around. If an author does leave loose ends though it may mean they're not really ready to let the series go.

Anita Mae -- Yes, I can see your point about the continuity series. The final book is the pay-off book so it would be fun to read that one. I, too, like the location/family series as they are all independent books yet they share some of the same secondary characters. You're right, it does make those books easier to share.

When I started the Dry Creek series, I had no idea it would become a series. Now, I think there's fifteen (counting the three that come out this fall still).