Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Knowing Your Novel's Setting

Welcome to Love Inspired Author's Blog from Gail Gaymer Martin

I prefer to write about places I know or I've been, so one of my goals is to visit the settings of most of my novels and novellas. My Love Inspired novels have been set in Michigan for the most part. I've lived there all my life, but for the past seven years, I've enjoyed winter in Sedona, and spending time here has stimulated ideas for new plots in the beautiful red rock setting.

This town opens the door for many new ideas not as available in Michigan. We have mountains but not those multitude of amazing red rocks with names as these which we see from our front deck. The dessert landscape, rock climbing, Pink Jeep trips, hot air balloon rides, animals such as: javelinas, bobcats and coyotes are prevalent and I've seen them all near our townhouse here. Sedona holds the, International Film Festival,  and the town is known for it's artistic environment for artists, craftsman, jewelry making, poets and writers. The story opportunities are staggering and the aura and emotions the landscape brings twists through an author's heart and mind.

My newest novella, Lattes and Love Songs, is set in Sedona in a coffee house. It will become a coffee shop series, called A Mocha Marriage and will eventually become an anthology.

On our way west from Michigan, we travel Hwy 40 which is the old Rte#66, and I am presently working on a new short novel called A Trip To Remember that is set on the famous road in the town Tucumcari. This book will be part of the series Get Your Kiss on Route 66. My next short novel will be also be set in Tucumcari and will connect with the first book. I look forward to having you read about both the Littleton sisters.

I hope you enjoy books set in a series and in interesting settings, and I look forward to hearing from you on Facebook  or my website 


jcp said...

reading a book set in a place I've never been is the easiest and cheapest way to travel :)

Debra E. Marvin said...

I agree with cup! And I love when a book's setting makes me long to visit. A setting I love and know will also make me want to read the story so it goes both ways. Thanks Gail!

How about tlaquepaque? 😀

Jackie Smith said...

I agree with jcp.....reading a book is great way to travel!

Unknown said...

Love the idea for your coming novel when you travel back to MI, Gail.
And I sure remember the show you got this from,"Get Your Kiss on Route 66."

Jennifer said...

Hi Gail, I really like the cover for Lattes and Love Songs. It's such an inviting cover that invites you in to want to read it.
I'm glad you are enjoying your warm weather there in Arizona. I like reading books from where I am it's fun to recognize roads that you travel everyday. Virginia Smith had written some of her Love Inspired Suspenses that took place where I live. They were accurate and good. I also enjoy books in other areas as well, it's an inexpensive way to travel. Thanks Gail!!!!! Jenny

Judy said...

I have the head start for a LI novel going right now - it's great to read author's blogging posts. I can use all the encouragement I can get!