Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Writer Friends: Felicia Mason

Felicia and I at Seton Hill
Update:  winner of Felicia's book is Kathryn Beatty! Kathryn, could you please get in touch so I can email you your book? LeeMcClain1234 at  Thanks!

Hi there! Lee Tobin McClain here, thinking about writer friends and how important they've been to me on my writing journey.

Writing can be a lonely job. I spend a lot of hours at my house by myself, dreaming up stories, writing them down, and polishing the words to make the story flow smoothly.

But I'm blessed to have made many writer friends along the way, including several Love Inspired authors. It's fun to think about how I got to know these ladies and all the good times we've had together. So throughout the summer, I'm blogging various places about my writer friends (check out the InspyRomance blog this Friday!).

Felicia Mason is my longest-term Love Inspired friend. We met years ago when we both needed critique partners, and have exchanged ideas and manuscripts many times. Felicia has been a real encourager to me in writing as well as in my personal life and my faith. As all of her friends know, she's a great one for sending inspiring cards, articles, and small gifts that seem to show up just when you're feeling down.

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Knowing how dynamic and knowledgable she is, I invited her to be a guest speaker at Seton Hill University where I work, and she continues to teach in our writing program's twice-a-year residencies. The great benefit to me is that I know I'll get to see my friend at least a couple of times a year. Since Felicia lives in Virginia and I live in Pennsylvania--and since we're both way too busy--it's hard to schedule get-togethers. But we're determined to meet in Harper's Ferry for a writing retreat before the end of 2015. And we'll take pictures!

Felicia's latest Love Inspired book, The Single Dad Finds a Wife, features a frazzled single dad who falls for his son's pediatrician. You are going to love it! For a chance to win an e-copy, comment below--tell us what you like about Love Inspired books. Do it by July 4th to be entered into the random drawing. 

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jcp said...

I like the fact that I know I'm getting a sweet clean read that I'm not embrassed to pass on to to friends or family.

Unknown said...

I know that if it says Love Inspired it is a clean book. I don't have time to be reading books with filthy language or bedroom scenes. Thanks and God Bless

Jackie Smith said...

I like it that I can expect a clean read......and inspiring, too!
Congrats on your book!

Kathryn Beattie said...

I love that it's a clean inspiring read!!!

Deana said...

The best part is you get a great read with wonderful characters , inspires you, and it is clean with no embarrassing words that make you blush. A am a big fan of Love Inspired books. They never disappoint and always have a great storyline.


KarenSueHadley said...

I always look for Christian fiction books and Love Inspired books have never let me down!

Linda Rainey said...

I like Christian romances, no smut and an entertaining read.

Linda Rainey said...

I love Love inspired Books because of clean reads.

Jill Weatherholt said...

Congratulations Felicia! I love LI books because I know there will be a HEA. With everything that goes on in this world today, it's nice to slip into another world that reveals the greatness of God and his promises.

Jennifer said...

I've always loved Love Inspired through my Mom who has read Harlequin romances for years and stumbled upon the Christian version of Harlequin and has not looked back. You can always count on the books being good and you don't have to worry about language or obscene scenes. The authors are amazing and fun to interact with on Facebook. Jenny