Thursday, July 30, 2015

Coming Home

Hi everyone! Lee Tobin McClain here, thinking about travel . . .  and about coming home.

I really enjoy getting away. Last week, I had the chance to travel to New York and hang out with some of my favorite Love Inspired author friends. We ate chocolate and danced the night away at the Waldorf Astoria . . . one of the amazing things our publisher does for us.

I also visited a few New York landmarks, like the Marble Collegiate Church where Norman Vincent Peale did his preaching.

And I met with my agent and editor, and had dinner at the famous Algonquin Hotel, and gawked at the semi-nude, body-painted eccentrics in Times Square.

But I'm a bit of a homebody. So my very favorite part of my trip was coming home to these guys!

How about you? Do you prefer traveling or coming home?


Jill Weatherholt said...

I've enjoyed seeing all of the photos on Facebook from the conference. I'm like you, Lee, traveling is nice, but nothing compares to the comforts and loved ones, at home.

Jackie Smith said...

Glad you had a safe and fun trip! I loved seeing the pics of the conference on different blogs (don't do FB). I am an avid reader and feel like I know those great authors!

Jennifer said...

Coming home for sure! Glad you had a blast Lee!