Monday, July 27, 2015

A Hiking High

Keli Gwyn here talking about hiking.

We're privileged to have a great place to walk right here in our community. I've logged many miles on the El Dorado Trail. The sections I walk are striped and paved just like the one in the photo below.

This summer I got a hankering to take my walking to a new level.

My husband retired at the end of last school year. While I've been camped in front of my computer cranking out words, Carl has been heading up to the Sierras to go hiking. He returns with glowing reports of the places he's explored.

Feeling left out, I decided to accompany my guy when I can, using hikes as a reward for getting my words done for the week.

We headed up to an alpine lake a week ago. And I do mean up. According to my Fitbit, we climbed the equivalent of 84 flights of stairs that day.

But oh, was the effort worth it. The wildflowers were in bloom! I whipped out my camera and snapped picture after picture.

Hiking enables me to get exercise, spend time with my guy and enjoy the beauty of our majestic mountain range. Talk about a high!

Do you enjoy walking or hiking?
If so, what are your favorite destinations?


Jill Weatherholt said...

Hi Keli,
You're blessed to have a wonderful hiking trail nearby. We have a nice trail at a local park, but it's not nearly as scenic as yours.
I loved the second photo. It reminded me of The Sound of Music. :)

Jackie Smith said...

YAY for you Keli!!! Keep it up; wish I could walk like I did for 26 yrs. until my back/hip/sacrum issues ended that...sigh.....I miss it so much.

Keli Gwyn said...

Jill, when I came upon that beautiful field, I did fling my arms open wide and belt out, "the hills are alive with the sight of wildflowers."

Keli Gwyn said...

Jackie, I'm sorry your dealing with ailments that prevent you from walking. That's got to be tough.

jcp said...

yes, usually no particular destination.

alysap AT yahoo DOT com

Keli Gwyn said...

JCP, sometimes it can be fun to go wherever the mood takes us, can't it?

Jennifer said...

I have a paved hilly circle out front of my house and 75 plus stars in-between the camp where my husband I live and work that I like to walk everyday. Then go swimming as well!
You have a beautiful area to go hiking Keli! It's nice that you and your guy have something to enjoy together. Blessing to all you lovely ladies! Jenny

Keli Gwyn said...

Jenny, how wonderful it must be to have such a special place to walk and to be able to share it with your special someone. And a swim, too? Nice!

Jennifer said...

I am grateful!

Unknown said...

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