Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A book with a view....

Good Morning, Jenna Mindel here having trouble getting my current work in progress to well... work.    This is the third book of my new Maple Springs series where love is supposed to run sweet.... But not with this love story! When I pitched the premise, I had the brilliant idea to re-write an old manuscript that wasn't publishable as is, but had a couple of great characters I didn't want to leave hanging.  

In fact, my hero, Darren Zelinsky has walk ons in the first two Maple Springs books - Falling for the Mom to Be that releases the end of this summer, and then again in A Soldier's Valentine which comes out in February.  Darren's a big, quiet spoken kind of outdoorsy guy and a conservation officer for the state of Michigan's Department of Natural Resources.  (Another fascinating occupation and I think they're all rock stars!)  Anyway, Darren has had his heart badly broken, and I feel a bit protective of him, but of course I have to make him face crushing heartbreak once again, right?  LOL. 

Have any of you started a project one way and then didn't like how it looked or came together, so you redid it?  Well that's what happening here -  I started this book from the heroine's point of view like I do most of my Love Inspireds and it simply wouldn't work.  This is truly Darren's story, and as much as I want to coddle the guy - I really need to put him through the emotional ringer.  Sigh.  Easier said then done.

So, I wondered who's perspective do you look forward to reading more in a romance?  The heroine, who we as women can hopefully identify with or the hero, who we hope to also fall in love with along the way?

Thanks for your insight! 
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jcp said...

I like to read mostly from the heroine's perspective

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Jenna Mindel said...

jcp -
Thanks so much for stopping by! Good to know. Yeah, I tend to go with the heroine's story mostly as well. But maybe not on this one... LOL

Have a great day.

Jill Weatherholt said...

I love to read and write a story through the hero's POV. Good luck with your story!

Jenna Mindel said...

Hey Jill,
Thanks - it's coming together. LOL. Thanks for your insight. Darren's shaping up well and so is the heroine, Bree.

Jackie Smith said...

I think I like to read mostly from the heroine's POV. Keep up the great writing, Jenna! We readers appreciate you!

Jenna Mindel said...

Awwww Jackie, thanks so much for the kind words! I really appreciate that - and I appreciate readers. Especially with such good feedback. You guys are awesome!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna, I'm having an insomniac moment tonight. I'm good with either hero or heroine leading. Sometimes when I'm reading I'll assume it's the heroine but then it turns out it's the hero! Blessings, Jenny

JackieW said...

I never stopped to think about whose perspective I would rather read about...I just read the story for the pleasure...I am not into analysing the thing. Sometimes I get the girls perspective and sometimes the all evens out with all the books I read.

Jenna Mindel said...

Jackie W,
Thanks for stopping by - and you are so right. It's all about how the story's handled. :) I like both perspectives as well - love getting inside both character's heads.

Have a great day, and God Bless!

Lady Daydream(er) said...

I honestly think for me, I prefer mostly from the heroine's perspective with glimpses of the hero's. All too often with stories that come from the hero's view two things happen: I either find him wayyyy too mushy and not real, or I find him so hard to relate to I'm even more confused about the male species umm I mean gender. :-)
However, if you are writing from your heart and basing him from real life men, then I'm sure that would come through and what's real always makes an impact. :-)
Best of blessings!