Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's cards gone wrong... Roxanne Rustand

Here we are, a few days after Valentine's Day, and I am still smiling.  Have you ever received a card or gift that was...well, perhaps not quite what you expected?  A couple years ago, our oldest son grabbed a last minute card for his wife on his long commute home from work.  She was perhaps a little surprised to open his romantic missive:  it was a Spongebob Square Pants card--and the verse said "Happy Valentine's Day--from your SON."

She's a wonderful gal and just chuckled about it.  Then this year, a Twin Cities radio station decided to have a contest to find listeners with the least romantic Valentine's experiences. She called in, they loved her tale and asked her to repeat it on the air, and she and her husband became finalists! 

So just before Valentine's Day, the fifteen finalists met for the big finale at the Mall of America. The guys  were blindfolded, spun around three times, and aimed for fifty sheetcakes  spread out on the floor in which a single, tiny red plastic heart was hidden.  It was an absolute melee--cake and frosting flying--and our son found it!  And with that, they won a more romantic celebration than his wife might have ever imagined when she opened the Spongebob Squarepants card a couple years earlier:  A Valentine's Day dinner at a nice restaurant, a dozen roses...and a seven-day trip to Cancun.

Silver linings, unexpected endings to a funny story about a card grabbed too quickly from a rack....and this happy grandma isn't only celebrating their exciting adventure, but looking forward to going north to take care of the grandkiddies when they go!

I'm also celebrating because I recently signed a new contract to write more books for Love Inspired, a line I love.  It's great to be among the wonderful writers here on the Love Inspired blog...and to be writing for the wonderful readers who read our books!

Before I sign off I'd love to ask if any of you have ever received (or given) an unusual, unexpected or just plain funny gift?  



Roxanne is the USA Today bestselling author of over thirty-five traditionally published novels for Harlequin's Superromance, Heartwarming, Everlasting, Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense.  She also has self published three novels, a novella, and also part of a multi-author anthology on Amazon.


Jennifer said...

How cool is that for a wrong card gone right. I can't think of anything like that to put down but I did send balloons to my husband at work and the balloons consisted of Barbie, Barney all purple filler balloons. Along with candy! I never seen someone turn so red. I feel terrible about it now. Jenny

Keli Gwyn said...

What a great story, Roxanne! I love that your daughter-in-law saw the humor in your son's mistake. That shows her character. Because of her willingness to laugh about the situation, she entered the contest, and they won. And what a prize! Everyone wins. They get that wonderful trip to Cancun, and you get time with your grandkids. Talk about turning lemons to lemonade. And this isn't just a single glass. This is several pitchers full. So happy for all of you.

RoxanneRustand said...

Jenny, I'm still chuckling over the balloons that arrived for your husband! Of all things, Barbie and Barney!! Thanks for sharing!

Keli, Thank you! Yes--definitely from lemons to lemonade. That is one card neither of them will ever forget! :)

Shirley said...

One year money was more than a little tight for us since my husband was in college full-time. I told him not to do much just a simple candy bar was all I wanted. I was SOO surprised when a dozen red roses showed up at work for me. He had gotten a short-term job while I was at work without me knowing it so he could get me flowers for the occasion.
I was surprised and touched.