Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Story Ideas From Many Places

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Most writers gather story ideas from similar places—Bible verses, newspaper and magazines articles, tried and true story themes, observing life, and many more. One way authors become creative is to hear a friend or family’s story and take part of the idea, twist it, add new elements and come up with a totally different idea but one stimulated by a real event. Sometimes real events trigger story plots—the Civil War, 9/11, Jack the Ripper, sinking of the Titanic, the depression, and a zillion other real life events. Occasionally the event is local and is not well-known, but it too can elicit an idea.

My ideas often come from locations. I visit a town, and it arouses my to imagination, thinking of the kinds of people who live there and a problem they must face. Other times, I take a true event such as a small group’s hiking mishap or a woman’s death of her two babies and the stigma that follows. These events fall into my mind and connect with other pieces of story ideas and eventually connect into a novel.

This year, my own harrowing experience has stimulated more than one story idea. When we arrived in Sedona for our three month stay to get away from Michigan’s winter, my husband fell ill to a rare blood immune system with a 90% mortality rate. Close to death, this healthy strong man fought to live and his battle was covered by prayer from thousands of friends, family, readers and fellow authors who followed his journey. From this experience which is still going on but as an outpatient, ideas have dropped into my mind and has stimulated more than one theme that can be used to create meaningful plots and novels that can touch readers and help them through their difficult times.

Today, the power of prayer and God’s love is shown by my husband’s amazing steps toward total healing. We’ve experienced visiting nurses, occupational and physical therapists. Their occupations have also fallen into my story niche that is gathering from this live-changing event. Seeing my husband Bob unable to speak due to sedation and a respirator, bed-bound by twelve IVs dripping into his system, a constricted by a catheter and dealing with ICU psychosis has impacted my emotions and my creativity.

Authors can dig through their experiences and life situations, hang on to the interesting pieces and find ways to put them together like a puzzle to form an amazing story. Sometimes the stories sit for years, but one day they will come to life and touch others who are struggling with a similar situation. They can provide hope and sometimes help dissolve the feeling of being alone. Our novels can change lives.


Keli Gwyn said...

Gail, I'm so sorry for what you and Bob have been through these past months. What a heart-wrenching journey it's been, and yet at the same time it's been heart-warming to witness the outpouring of love, prayers and support that I've seen on Facebook and in our author groups. I'm glad Bob is on the road to recovery, but I know this experience has marked you both. I love that you're already looking for ways to use what you've been through to bless your readers in future stories.

Jennifer said...

Hi Gail, I've been following your miraculous story and I have been praying for you both. My heart goes out to you both.
I'm reading a book by you called Butterfly Trees so far I am enjoying Allissa and Ross's story and getting to know them. Jenny

Hi Keli!

Jackie Smith said...

Gail, I have been praying for you and Bob and am so glad to hear he is on the road to recovery. May God continue to strengthen you both. Looking forward to great stories from you.

Hi Jennifer & Keli!!!

Jenna Mindel said...

I'm so thankful for your husband's recovery and continued healing. What a journey for you both! And what a blessing that you plan to share your story in ways that will touch others - forever on the page.