Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Something Old, Something New . . . and a Giveaway!

Lee Tobin McClain here, and I get to blog on my birthday! And while I’m not giving out a number, let me just say that I am now eligible for the 2-for-1 early bird special at my local iHOP. Love their Harvest Blueberry pancakes! And having dinner at 4:00 in the afternoon, so that I can get home before dark and curl up with a good book, doesn't sound half bad these days. Who am I kidding--it never did!  Guess I've always been an old soul. 

Talk about old and new . . .  Remember doctor-and-nurse novels? Anyone else cut their teeth on medical romances like the one at the right? I used to read them at my cousin Kathy’s house during small town summer visits. Wow, do those old covers bring back the memories. Loved those alpha heroes. And check out the price! 

Check it out on Amazon!
On to new things: My latest release, The Doctor’s Bond, tells the story of the last of the four Sacred Bond brothers, Boone McDermitt. He’s been heroically saving lives in his medical clinic in Central America, but when he returns to his Florida hometown, he’s still the local bad boy . . . and Abby is still the sweet preacher’s daughter. But these opposites have more in common than anyone in town suspects . . .

Try Book One for Free!
If you’d like to try the Sacred Bond novels, grab a copy of His Baby Bond, book one in the series, for free.  And if you’re already a fan of the series, you might like to know that the final scenes of The Doctor’s Bond bring back all the couples from the whole series to help Doctor Boone and Abby solve their problems. So it’s like a happily-ever-after times four!

Comment to win a copy!
If you’d like to win a signed copy of my own vintage Harlequin romance, published under a pseudonym in 1989, (told you I was old!) comment before midnight on January 17th. I’ll do a random drawing and announce the winner in my next newsletter, so come sign up . . . it's quick and easy and there are more giveaways coming up there. 

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Lee Tobin McClain said...

Oh, and an extra chance in the giveaway for the first person who notices the mistake in the blog. :)

Jackie Smith said...

Hi Lee,
I don't see the mistake....guess I better put on my glasses! lol
I did download HBB and hope to read the other books in that series. They sound fantastic!
Thanks for your giveaway!

Lee Tobin McClain said...

That's actually good news, Jackie--it's not as obvious as I thought!

Mary Lawson said...

Would love to win. I read those older versions. About the mistake, not sure if it because I am on my phone, but you said the book on the right and on my screen was actually on the left. Not a glaring error.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lee and Ladies, Maybe my eyes are to tired but I can't see a mistake. I can't remember my first medical book but I did read a book by Candace Calvert called Trauma Plan which was really good. You sound young at heart and congrats on your upcoming anniversary!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Lee!

Jennifer said...

The first book is on the left and not on the right? I've stared and reread this article and that's the only thing I can find. Jenny

Keli Gwyn said...

Belated birthday wishes to you, Lee! I hope your day was extra special.

The classic, sweet-as-syrup Harlequin romances of the 60s and 70s were my introduction to the romance genre. My mom would take my two sisters and me to the local used bookstore, where we'd each buy ten books for a dollar. We'd take them home, and my teen self would devour my stack of ten, swap with a sister, and read some more. Many of the stories I read featured a doctor or a nurse--or both. They were often set in England, but some transported me to The Continent.

I remember one particular story set in Delft, Holland. Why? Because I could picture the main square clearly and dreamed of standing there. I married a man with a dream of teaching in a Department of Defense-run American high school in Germany. His dream came true, and we spent his vacations traveling around Europe. We went to Holland, and I stood in the very spot in Delft that I'd dreamed of seeing. It was just as the author had described it!

As I devoured those romances back in the 70's, my dream of writing sweet stories for Harlequin was fueled. Here I am forty years later awaiting the release of my first Harlequin Love Inspired Historical this coming June. How cool is that?

Lee Tobin McClain said...

Keli, that is so cool! I'm a new LI author too--my first comes out in March and I can't wait to see it on the shelves. I will look for yours, too.

And yes . . . who knew the seeds that were being planted in those days of devouring old Harlequins!

Ashley N. said...

Happy Birthday!

Lee Tobin McClain said...

Thanks, Ashley!

Diana Montgomery said...

Happy Birthday, I do remember those books.

Lee Tobin McClain said...

Thanks, Diana! You're in on the drawing . . . which is about to end!