Monday, January 19, 2015

Glad I Went?

Pamela Tracy here. 
 Just this last week I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Techno-colored Dreamcoat.
I found it very interesting.  
See, I've read the story in the Bible hundreds of times.
I've heard the story at church almost as many.

What did I love?
I loved watching Joseph's brothers dance in a way that reminded me of 
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
I loved how it showed the brothers jealousy and the way they threw him down the well.

But, they got that wrong because Rueben didn't do what he was supposed to do.  ARG

I loved Potiphar and the two servants who went to prison.

But, I'm irritated that they didn't show what Joseph REALLY did 
when Potiphar's wife tried to seduce him.

In the Bible, she DID NOT succeed.

True Hollywood form, the musical changed that.


I loved Pharaoh and his costume and his love of gold.

I understand in Andrew Lloyd Webber's real production, 
Pharaoh didn't suddenly become an Elvis impersonator.  
I think I would  have preferred that.

I dunno.
In my heart of hearts, I don't think the messages of the Bible should be toyed with. 

Am I glad I went?
Yes, because I made sure that my friends heard me say, "That didn't happen. Here's what really did."  And if the stranger next to me, in front of me, behind me, heard also.  
I hope I made them question.   

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Jennifer said...

Dear Pamela, I'd have done the same thing while watching that show and I'm glad you said something. Here's hoping you touched others around you. :)

Leann Harris said...

It's interesting to see how people put Joseph's story into action. My husband and I saw it at a local community theater and singing was good, but not really my vision.

Pamela Tracy said...

I've always loved this story :) Mostly the part where Jacob wound up marrying the wrong woman and had to wait 7 years for the next.
I get anxious if I have to wait longer for my pizza to be delivered.

Pamela Tracy said...

No, not mine either.

Jennifer said...

I can't imagine waiting that long either!

Shirley said...

The "Not true to the story" is what bothers me about so many of the "Biblical" stories that are made in movies, plays, etc. The real strength of the characters is lost to the aim for a story that will sell better.