Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Jenna Mindel here, experiencing a very hectic week but trying to soak in the beauty of the season changing around me.   And that got me to thinking about a garden pest I found a couple of weeks ago.  I saw this huge thing on my tomato plant and yelled to my husband to come see the ginormous caterpillar I found.  He  pretty much blew me off, saying it was probably just a tomato worm.  Harumph!
Mr. Tomato Worm - Nope,  I didn't touch him

I've never seen a tomato worm before and grabbed my camera,  took a few pictures, and then googled what I found.  Yup, just a common garden pest.  But what this kinda ugly spotted worm turns into is something of a miracle and I think very beautiful. 
I got this one from Google under tomato worm moth...

I took this picture last year of a moth on my screen door.  Maybe this guy came from a tomato worm?

I can't help but think that God sees us this way - yeah, we might have some ugly spots, but He sees so much more.  He sees what we can become by placing our trust and faith in Him.  For we have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

Thanks for stopping in!  And please share your experiences with garden pests, cool insects or other interesting finds. :)




Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna, My cats go insane when moths get into the house and sometime I'll go and get one for them with a cup and my little kitty Tater starts squeaking. The first moth looks real pretty the second looks different.
I have a picture of a real pretty white moth with black spots on it and I have never seen another like it.

Jennifer said...

Jenna I can't find you on Facebook? Jenny
My Facebook name is Jennifer Stevenson Tipton