Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Good morning Terri Reed here.  I have a milestone birthday coming up.  The big 50.  Where did the time go? I can look back over my life and see the various milestones that bring a smile to my face.  Graduating from high school, meeting my future husband in an acting class, married said guy 26 years ago last week.  Living and exploring NYC, moving to Chicago and experiencing the coldest winter ever, then moving to Oregon and finding out I was pregnant with our first child.  I remember with clarity the moment my daughter was born. She came into the world with a mind of her own and has been a feisty whirlwind every moment since, I have enjoyed every second with her as she has grown into a beautiful, caring, productive young woman.  She'll be 21 this summer.  Then three years and ten months later my son was born. I remember seeing my husband speechless for the first time when he held our little boy.  My son just turned 17 a few weeks ago.  He's a marvel and joy. Quiet and reserved yet funny and talented. I can't wait to see what plans God has for him.
This seems to be the year for milestones for me.

What milestones are you celebrating?

I also have a book out today! Book #29.   My 30th book will be out in September and I'm working on book # 31 now.  Wow, I get a little overwhelmed when I think about that.


Terri Reed said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping in. Hopefully you'll have a wonderful summer of reading!

Valri said...

Congrats on the milestone, Terri! My "baby" is turning 22 today and I can't believe THAT! It seems like 2 weeks ago I was taking her to Kindergarten and last month we attended her college graduation! Like you said, where does the time go? I'm excited to read your current book! I've enjoyed this series and I know your book will be fantastic. I didn't win the Goodreads contest so I'll have to go buy it! I know Fred Meyers always has them so the next time I'm "in town", I'll have to pick it up :) I love all your books and I can truthfully say, I've read them all :)

Terri Reed said...

Valri, I'm finding it hard to see the kids grow up. I miss the days when their world revolved around me. LOL
Thank you for entering the Goodreads giveaway. And thank you for still be wiling to buy it. So sweet to know you've read them all.