Monday, April 7, 2014

Lost and Found--Lenora Worth

Have you ever lost something really special, so special that you mourned the loss for a long time? I lost a bracelet about three years ago and I sure did miss that bracelet. I wore it everywhere and considered it a touchstone of sorts. It brought me a peace and calm when I traveled and it gave me instant joy each morning when I'd put it on. I thought I'd lost it on the road somewhere or maybe I'd misplaced it in my home. I even tried to find another one in the discontinued line at Brighton. When we moved to Florida, I went through every purse and jewelry box, hoping I'd find it tucked away somewhere. I remember thinking that maybe I'd put it in a safe place and somehow I'd forgotten where that place might be.

Well, about two weeks ago I was going through a purse I hadn't used in a while looking for something else. (Probably money). I reached into a small pocket and felt something inside. And I pulled out my beloved bracelet! I was so shocked and overjoyed I had to sit down and just look at it for about five minutes. It was a bit tarnished in spots but it was my bracelet. I've used that purse so many times since I lost the bracelet, I couldn't believe I'd never felt inside that tiny pocket.

The lesson here is sometimes we search and search for something "out there" when the real treasure has been right here with us all along. I think God's love is like that. We search for answers out there when His love is tucked away inside each of us to begin with.

I hope you can find some tiny treasures in your life today. They are hidden in plain sight :)


Keli Gwyn said...

I'm glad you found your bracelet, Lenora. I love when God gives us unexpected surprises like that when we least expect it. It's a specialty of His. :-)

Lenora said...

I agree, Keli. I really did miss my little bracelet. It's traveled to a lot of places with me. But God put it in a place where one day I'd find it and appreciate it even more!

Lenora said...

Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your ring. That is way more important than my bracelet. Maybe you could try a metal detector? That would be hard to find in such a big area, I guess. I've heard of people finding wedding rings, however. Maybe one day it will work its way back to you :)