Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eastertide by Marta Perry

Somehow in the midst of Holy Week I can't bring myself to blog the usual things about my writing or my books, so I hope you'll bear with me as I share some thoughts on this time of the Christian year. Each year, as we move toward Easter, I find myself remembering the truth of something I heard long, long ago from our pastor--we can't have the joy of Easter morning without going through the grief of Good Friday.

Now, when I was teaching young children in the church, I modified that just a bit--I would never teach children about Good Friday without, in the same session, going on to the joy of Easter morning! Some truths must be modified for little ones.

But for those of us of more mature years, I think it's important not to skip the hard parts. Much as we might long for the beautiful lilies and the hallelujahs of Easter morning, they become so much more meaningful when we've stopped in our busy week  of coloring Easter eggs and preparing special Easter foods to meditate on the events of the last week in Jesus's life and to mourn with those who loved him when it seemed there would be no future at all.

Some among us are going through dark days of their own right now and wondering if the sun will ever shine again. Please know that many prayers are rising for you. Please know that beyond the darkness of grief and pain there is a glorious Easter sunrise waiting for you and those you love.

Marta Perry


Jennifer said...

Sorry Marta I accidentally hit the y and didn't see it until it was already posted!

Lyn Cote said...

Very true, Marty.