Thursday, March 13, 2014

Allie Pleiter diggs in her heels

Persistence.  Grit.  Stick-to-it-iveness.  Pick your term for the trait of just "keeping on" when things get hard.

Writers need it.  Marriages need it.  This winter, Chicagoans need it.  We’re all bone-tired of winter in these parts.

This week as I slog through some revisions, shovel my driveway yet again, and celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary, I’m reminded that the ability to keep on is a crucial skill in many areas of my life.  The rewards are waiting behind the effort.

After all, Spring has got to be somewhere under all that snow, right?

What is demanding your persistence today?


Keli Gwyn said...

Have a wonderful time celebrating your 25th anniversary! said...

COLD COLD COLD and down right FRIGID here in Michigan this March morning. The pics show what we've been dealing with here as well, Allie. I've had a surgery that kept me from being able to read or use the computer for weeks turned into months only to find out that next Friday I'll be having a re-do on one side. I've been working my fingers to nubbins trying to get changes to my manuscript to an agent by next Thursday AND keep my critique clients all happy. PERSISTENCE is FORCED upon me at this time.
CONGRATULATIONS ON 25 years - I know you've had challenges within your family that have taught you perseverance too. BLESSINGS, Allie!

Allie Pleiter said...

Thanks, Kelly and Joy. Hang in there Joy--I know you can push on through these challenges!

Jackie Smith said...

My new goal is to stick with my exercises, Physical Therapy...and get back to functioning better due to back problems!
Joy, praying for a quick recovery and better days ahead.

Leann Harris said...

I agree, Allie. Where is Spring?