Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Firefighter's New Family - Sisters #2

Here it is again, time to talk about the excitment of things going on at Love Inspired. Hi from Gail Gaymer Martin at

I'm excited since my last two Sisters Series novels are being released close together for once. Readers of Her Valentine Hero have been waiting a long time to hear more about the sisters and their lives. Book 1 was Neely's story and you met Ashley at that time.  Her story is the next release, Sisters #2, The Firefighter's New Family is a January release (in stores at the end of December) with the final book, Rescued By A Firefighter, will be in stores at the end of March.  If you enjoy excitement and romance, you'll love these novels.

BackCover Blurb:
A tornado may have left Ashley Kern injured beneath a fallen tree, but it's her rescuer who plays havoc with her emotions. Firefighter Devon Murphy is everything the single mom could wish for in a husband: handsome, a doting father and ready to join his family to hers. But how can the pretty war widow make a life once more with a man whose career is full of danger? Devon has fought some pretty big battles in his life, but can he help Ashley conquer her fears and show her the safest place of all is in his arms?

RT Review: 4 stars:  In, The Firefighter's New Family, second book in the Sisters series, strong characters demonstrate how we should not let fear prevent us from living the life God has planned. Martin is inventive with her offbeat comparison of a family to a puzzle.

If you decide to preorder the novel, please send forward me the proof of your pre-order, and I will send you a PDF file of my fun, romantic short story, In The Market For Love.  Send the proof of purchase on the contact page of my website. It will provide the email address. You can get to the book order link by going to the books page at: Or you can read Chapter 1 Excerpt. Hope to hear from you.

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