Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How does a Thanksgiving Holiday feel?

Jenna Mindel here, looking forward to the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving.   This year will be different for my husband and me.  For the first time, we're staying home and spending the holiday alone.  And we're actually okay with that.  But even though it's just the two of us, I still want to make a turkey and trimmings.  A meal out at a restaurant holds no appeal for me on this particular day.  It just wouldn't feel right.

Another first for me, is writing for a Love Inspired continuity series that releases the latter part of next year.  I'm blessed with this opportunity to write the 5th book and it's set during Thanksgiving. I hope to capture the warmth and feel of the holiday but also include the reverence of giving thanks for God's providence. 

Thanksgiving isn't only about the food, and spending time with family but thanking God for the little things, the big things and the uncertain things.    

So, if I may, what things do you and your family do to thank the Lord for His blessings? Any Thanksgiving traditions you care to share?


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