Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Too much stuff!

Roxanne Rustand, here...

I've been cleaning and sorting through my office recently.  In fact, I've been diligently attacking the whole house, one step at a time. Sentimental packrat that I am, I have saved everything, it seems...though not to the extent my mother did.  She saved every greeting card she ever received, every school valentine my brother and I ever got, just for an example.  Not to mention, most everything from the estates of her three siblings.  Whew!

When it sadly came time for my brother and I to take care of Mom's estate in 2011, it was overwhelming! My three kids, who tirelessly helped us with it all,  were made of sterner stuff than me...but how difficult it is, to pack away or disperse of everything from a lifetime of love, from a lovely home.  There were soooo many treasures that I had to keep!

So now, I am trying to ensure that I leave a less daunting legacy for our own kids, by taking even more trips to Goodwill than ever.  As my good friend Lyn Cote has told me, if one doesn't tackle this while they are young--er, young enough  :)  ---it will be impossible by the time they are old and have no energy left! And since my hubby and I have been married 37 years (as of August 28) and haven't moved since 1977, we have accumulated a lot!   And oh, my...how I treasure all of my books. Bookshelves stacked double deep. a To Be read accumulation that will keep me busy until the year 2090.

So how about you?  Have you had to deal with a parent's belongings yet?  How did you manage it?  Are you a packrat like me, or are you better at keeping things under control?  Any hints?  I'd love to hear from you!

I'm going to let you help me with my collection of my Love Inspired and  Love Inspired Suspense books. I've always bought extra boxes of each title from the local independent bookstore, but could use more closet space! So I'd like to give away a few.

From everyone who leaves a comment about this topic, and says they'd be interested in some free books, I'll draw five names.  Those winners will  each receive four  different titles from my backlist--you can choose which ones (the list is at my website, www.roxannerustand.com)  and I'll do my best to send the ones you choose.  May have to substitute, though, if a given title is gone.  I will ship them to the USA only, though.  I'll draw the names on Friday the 13th  :)

Good luck!

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