Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Allie Pleiter on coping without...

The unthinkable has happened.  An enormous part of my life, nay, the very staff of my daily existence, has been whittled down to nothing.  Actually, two nothings.  No, three!

After some recent medical tests, my doctors have asked the impossible of me:  cut down on the coffee, chocolate, and caffeine.  I'm to survive on a mere 6 oz of caffeinated beverage per day.  That's not even a cup!

Now, those of you who know me well understand that this is pretty much like asking if I'd mind going on less oxygen on a daily basis.  I love coffee.  My favorite appliance in the whole house (okay, next to my laptop or iPhone or iPad) is the Keurig coffeemaker that delivers my delicious wake up every morning.  And again at 2pm when I start to lag but have miles to go. I love coffee.

And they've asked me to cut down on the chocolate, too?  Are they nuts??

Time to adapt, ladies, or risk a permanent grouchy mood for myself and those I love.  But how?

Knowing I need less caffeine and less acid, I scour the internet for how to select and brew low-acid coffee.  This means learning the cold-brew method and being very, very picky about my choice of half-decaf beans.  I treasure my six daily ounces like the exquisite gift that it is.  I try to ignore how pathetic six ounces of coffee looks in the gigantic coffee mugs I have in (and now need to pack up and remove from) my kitchen.

God is teaching me something here, only I'm not awake enough to know what it is yet.

Have you ever been asked to go without something you love?  What did it teach you?

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