Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi, Charlotte Carter here.

Montana Love Letter

It must be very hard to be a perfectionist. I’m certainly not one. Far from it.

But I have friend whose husband spent hours over the past weekend trying to repaint a tiny little scratch, no bigger than a pin head, on his 2-year old car. He’s the sort that will return a newly purchased couch because one seam isn’t a hundred percent straight, a seam that isn’t even visible unless you turn the couch upside down. He invests so much of his time and energy trying to make everything perfect, he must be exhausted.

In my October release, Montana Love Letter, Adam Hunter goes to great lengths to hide and disguise what he believes is his imperfection. He carries the shame of being teased as a boy about his dyslexia. In so many ways, hiding his limitations has limited him in life.

Of course, along comes Janelle Townsend. She’s one smart, observant lady. She figures out that Adam can’t read, which doesn’t stop her from falling in love with him. What she can’t understand is why he goes to such lengths to keep his secret.

"Being dyslexic is nothing to be ashamed of," she tells him. "Whether you can read or not, I love you exactly as you are. Exactly the way God made you."

I think that’s a nice philosophy, accepting others as they are. Despite my friend’s husband being a perfectionist, he’s a really nice guy.

Where are you on the scale of perfectionism?

Happy reading....

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