Friday, October 5, 2012

Oops by Leann Harris

Have you ever had one of those weeks when it seems you have 10,000 things you're doing and meet yourself coming and going?  Do you keep a calendar on your desk of all the things you're supposed to do and then don't read it?

That's me.  I'm guilty.  I sat down this morning to write before I have to speak at a local writers conference, looked at my calendar and saw LI Blog for this last Wednesday, 10/3.  And I highlighted it to make matters worse.

You know when you start planning things there's nothing there, then you turn around and you have 14 things you have to do.  I know I'm not talking to myself.  It would be nice to just sit outside in the cool Fall morning and take my hot tea and Bible and just enjoy the cool, crisp morning.  And I think sometimes, what is what our soul needs.

Sorry for the goof, but it's a good lesson to just take a moment, breathe deep and let Heaven flood our hearts.

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