Friday, October 12, 2012

Millionaires and Old Women -- by Janet Tronstad

Janet Tronstad here. I am closer to being an old woman than a millionaire, but I was reminded of both this week when I read the news story of a billionaire who does not have a home.  The news called him 'homeless' but he is obviously not destitute and seems to keep in great touch with his friends even though he is rambling around the world.  All of which led me to consider what makes a home a home -- which led me to the Old Woman Who Lived in A Shoe (the one with the children).

I suppose I am thinking so much about what makes a home because I am debating on whether or not I want to make another major move in my life.  Both the old woman and the millionaire remind me that the heart of a home is not a floor, ceiling, or walls -- it is the relationships we have in whatever space we are in. A home is where we meet our loved ones and enjoy our friendships. We can be living in a shoe or a hotel  (the homeless millionaire regularly stays at three different hotels -- one in London, one in New York, and one in Los Angeles).  So they both have places where their friends and loved ones can find them easily.

I realized in thinking about making a move that part of my 'family' is my 'book family' -- those readers and writers who know me online even though we seldom (if ever) meet.  And, if I do move, that family will move with me. I deeply appreciate that.

Speaking of books, another thing that is important to me in a home is having a place to read in comfort.  I suspect the same is true for you (and, if so, check out my Second Chance in Dry Creek that just released).

And then let me know what's important to you about having a home?  Could you live in an oversized shoe or a series of hotels? Do you need quiet or excitement?  Parties or peace?

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