Monday, September 24, 2012

Changing Times

Pamela Tracy here.  I've a stack of Harlequin romances in my closet dating back twenty years.  I really need to work on my TBR pile.   I don't know about you, but I'm a cycle reader.  For three years, I devoured historicals.  Then, I went for contemporary humor which segued into small town stories.  I did a stint with first person women's fiction.  Next, all I wanted to read was suspense.  Right now, I'm in my cozy mystery phase.

Which means some books purchased get tucked in a corner waiting for their genre to cycle back.

This past weekend, as I was driving my son and his friend to the skateboard park (a second grader and third grader with scooters and a mom instead of skateboards and loose pants) I overheard the third grader teaching my son something I don't want him to know about yet.

Prank phone calling.

Okay, raise your hand, who of you did the deed?

I confess, I did.  It was junior high with my friend Sandy.  We'd call random numbers and when a grown-up answered, one of us would say, "Can I speak with your son?"  When the grown-up called said son, "Terry, come to the phone!" we'd now know the boy's name and speak to him as if we knew him.  Until he caught on and hung up on us.

Not in second grade though!

I'm thinking - thanks to caller ID, the era of prank phone calling, for kids, has come to an end.

So, yes, I'm also thinking about books and how often I read one from the eighties or nineties and I'm jarred by thinking "Why don't they just use their cell phone."

What do you think?

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