Friday, September 14, 2012

Building Memories

Earlier this week, my mom, two of my sisters and I took off for a girl’s getaway.  We stayed at a condo  loaned to us by a generous friend and had a great time just relaxing, talking and laughing.  We also played games and watched DVDs of movies.

The best part of the trip, of course, was the time we spent together, regardless of what we were doing.

That being said, the games we played included Rack-O, Rummikub, and Sevens.  We’re all highly competitive so these were no ‘fluff’ matches.  I’m pleased to say I won my fair share of the rounds J

The movies we watched were a mixed bag: Stardust, The Holiday and Man Of The House.  None of these are particularly new and I’ve seen them several times but I was surprised to learn my sisters had never seen them before.  It was fun to introduce these to them and I enjoyed watching them again myself.

So now I’m curious - if you were going away on such a trip, what games and what movies would you bring along? 

Oh, and I almost forgot, I’ll be giving away a copy of my September release, Handpicked Husband, to one of today’s commenters.

Can she drive away not one, but three suitors?

Free-spirited photographer Regina Nash is ready to try.  But unless she marries one of the gentlemen her grandfather has sent for her inspection, she’ll lose custody of her nephew.  So she must persuade them - and Adam Barr, her grandfather’s envoy - that she’d make a thoroughly unsuitable wife.

Adam isn’t convinced.  Regina might be unconventional, but she has wit, spirit and warmth - why can’t the three bachelors he escorted here to Texas see that?  He not only sees it, but is drawn to it.   His job, though, is to make sure Regina chooses from one of those men - not to marry her himself!

Can Reggie and Adam overcome the secrets in her past, and the shadows in his, to find a perfect future together?

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