Thursday, August 2, 2012

Did you go to your high school reunions?

Terri Reed here wondering how everyone feels about high school reunions?  In two weeks I'll be heading back to my hometown for my 30th high school reunion.  I went to both  my ten and twentieth.  At my ten, the same friends hung out and everyone seemed pretty much the same as in high school.  At my twentieth,  there were changes.  Babies, expanding waistlines, balding heads, wrinkles starting, careers and marriages to talk about.  Now another ten years have passed by.  I'm both excited and nervous to return.   Excited to see old friends that I haven't seen in ages--some who didn't show up to the others and some who did.  With the advent of Facebook I've reconnected with several people and that's been fun.   We've shared pictures from our past, reminisced about the times we had back then and shared a bit about our lives now.  I'm nervous because...well, I'm not sure.  Maybe the geeky teen in me wonders if I'll fit in, if anyone will want to talk to me, if I'll measure up.  I wasn't a geek in the brainy sense, but more the gangly, red-haired, freckled face shy girl who was always on the fringes.  I was into drama, gymnastics and dance.  I spent my lunch hours running the track or hanging out in the theatre or hanging out with one friend.  I have always done better one on one than in large groups.
So dear friends, tell me about your experience?  Any tips to pass on?

Here's a peek at my upcoming October release--The Doctor's Defender

Do No Harm

As a trauma surgeon, Dr. Brenda Storm saves lives every day. But someone wants her dead.  It starts with the anonymous delivery of poisoned cupcakes.  Now the hospital has hired a bodyguard to protect her 24/7.  At first, Brenda doesn’t think too-handsome Kyle Martin is the right for the job.  Then she discovers his harrowing background—and that Kyle will do anything to keep her safe.  With every attempt on her life, she’s more drawn to the strong and silent man who risks his life for hers.  But their growing feelings could put them both in harm’s way.

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