Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mystery of Creating Characters.....

Jenna Mindel here, wondering where characters come from?
Mine usually pop out of a current work in progress with the tantalizing promise of being too interesting to ignore. These characters often show up with their own names - unless my editor requests that I change it. :)

I've attended many a workshop about developing characters that are helpful, but I don't necessarily follow one system, every time. I journal in first person, rough sketch lists of flaws and strengths, filmstrip these characters in my thoughts, and even draw from my own personality along with those of the people close to me.  There's bits of my husband in every hero I've written which he proudly takes credit for! 

Something that helps me really "feel" my characters is music. Certain songs capture a character and give insight into who they are. It's kind of cool - other than I tend to play that song to death...

Do you have any tips or unique processes for developing your characters ?

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