Thursday, May 31, 2012

New York, New York by Leann Harris

I'm going to New York next week to attend BEA and sign my latest book.  I am excited to be in the Big Apple for a week.  I'm going with another author, Pat Davids  We are going to visit the office of our publisher...which is a always a kick.  I've been to New York before, but going there is always a treat and you never get board there.  One time I went to New York, I took the train from Stamford, CT to New York.  I visited my aunts and uncles.  When the train pulled into Grand Central Station I had a long, steep set of stairs from the train to the main reception area.  Well, I struggled up those steel stairs.  Finally, a nice young man offered to haul my suitcase up the stairs.  I was grateful, then worried he'd run off with my luggage.  (Understand, I wrote suspense for a long time.)  I was wrong.  The young man was a champ.

Each time I've been in New York, I've found the natives helpful and nice.  I'm so excited to go. I'll also see my family in Ct.  Any places you like to go in New York?

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