Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here's the thing about "The Doctor's Family" Lenora Worth :

I've been getting a lot of reader mail this month. Everyone seems to be enjoying my September LI release "The Doctor's Family." They tell me how much they loved the story and then they tell me how "disappointed" they are that I didn't tie up all the mysteries. Then I have to write a polite letter (because I'm thrilled that they love the book) and explain that I wasn't suppose to tie up all the mysteries. This is Book THREE of a six book series by six different writers. Here is the order of the books: The Nanny's Homecoming--LInda Goodnight, The Sheriff's Runaway Bride--Arlene James, The Doctor's Family--Lenora Worth, The Cowboy's Lady--Carolyne Aarsen, The Loner's Thanksgiving Wish--Roxanne Rustand, The Prodigal's Christmas Reunion--Kathryn Springer. In my book, I did have to set up a lot of mysteries and strange happenings. I don't want my readers to ever be disappointed in my stories, so please keep the letters coming. And I hope you will also read the five other books in this series. It was fun and challenging to corral that whacky Clayton clan, but we did it and we all learned a lot and worked closely together to make sure everything flowed smoothly. I know you will enjoy all the books. And if anyone out there has read them all in order, tell us what you think. And help us spread the word--the mysteries will be solved. Just keep reading until the VERY end!

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