Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beyond just the writing....

When I started writing, long before I even thought of the possibility of submitting anything to a publisher, I knew I loved the process of writing, but never dreamed that it would open up my life in so many ways.  I think all writers would agree!

With the research for each book, came all of the interesting research books I might never have read otherwise.  Trips to a gun range, a llama farm, the travel with a rodeo contractor.  Learning to explore the vast world that opened up to me, and  all other writers, with the advent of the Internet.  And the wonderful people!  Finding experts in various fields, to more accurately portray a character, has led me to fascinating people who have shared information on their professions and their lives--providing an  array of details and emotions,  their hopes and dreams. Meeting these people has enriched my own life in many ways.

But there's more--the friendships with other writers and with readers, that mean so much.  Wonderful organizations like ACFW and RWA.  And on an even more delightful note, our daughter Emily loves to write, and  now comes with me to the RWA conferences, and to some of the other conferences and workshops, as well.  I can't tell you how much I love having this extra bond, this deep interest that we both share.  The photo was taken at The Blue Belle Inn in August, where proprietor/author  Sherrie Hansen holds a popular, semi-annual weekend writer's retreat.  Inspirational author Lyn Cote and I were speakers, and she is shown here with Emily.

Do you have a special interest of some kind that you share with your family or closest friends?   Has it drawn you closer?

Roxanne Rustand

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