Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Travel

This is Merrillee, and I'm going to piggy back on Debby's previous post. It's an American tradition to have a summer vacation, whether you just go to Grandma and Grandpa's house as I did when I was a child or go cross county as I have done this summer. I've made three trips--Tucson, AZ; New York City and Spokane, WA. Each place has something of interest for me. Tucson has my granddaughter.

I was in New York City for RWA, and there are lots of fun sights to see there.

Two of my brothers live in Spokane. Since I live in Florida, you can see why we don't have a chance to visit each other often. I had a high school class reunion this year, so I took the opportunity to visit my brothers and their families and take in the class reunion.

Some former classmates.

My brothers and nephews and niece and Shadow.

In addition, I had to share what I saw in the front yard of a house that we drive by on the way to my brother's neighborhood.

Space creatures and dinosaurs are quite a combination.

Have you taken a summer vacation? Share your adventures with us.

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