Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smells of summer with Janet Tronstad

Janet Tronstad here. I just finished writing a new book called 'Lilac Wedding for Dry Creek' and I have been smelling lilacs in my head ever since. When I was growing up, my mother had a row of lilacs on our family farm in Montana -- they are still there in fact, taller and greener than ever. Lilacs aren't my favorite flower in terms of looks, but there is nothing like sitting outside on a sumemr evening and smelling the lilacs.

My lilac book (that's what I'm calling it) talks about the struggles families have to forgive each other (and themselves) when bad things happen. My family has some of those wounds (and yours probably does, too). The combination of that emotion and the imagined fragrance of the lilacs made this book satisfying to write. Through it all, I realized lilac is my favorite flower fragrance. Since it's summer, there are lots of flowers around that have scents. Roses are a contender, too. What's your favorite scent? And is it your favorite because it reminds you of other times (like lilacs always remind me of my Montana home)?

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