Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet Kate Michaels and Brock Gentry

Sandra Robbins here. In my last post I told you about Dangerous Reunion, my new release from Love Inspired Suspense. As I wrote the book, I came to know the characters in the book like good friends. I understood them and wanted their lives to be filled with happiness. Of course on the way to a happy ending, there had to be a few bumps in the road.

Kate Michaels has lived on Ocracoke Island all her life except for the four years she was away at college. When her mother died in the summer after Kate’s graduation from college, Kate knew she had been left with a big responsibility. In addition to her grief-stricken father, Kate also had two sisters who were four and sixteen at the time of her mother’s death. Even though Kate was to be married in the fall, she felt a responsibility to take care of her family.

Her fiancĂ© Brock Gentry had also graduated from college and wanted to follow his dream of working on a police force in a big city. He couldn’t see himself living on a tiny island twenty-five miles off the coast of North Carolina. When Brock and Kate couldn’t arrive at a solution, Brock called off their engagement and left a heartbroken Kate on Ocracoke.

When Dangerous Reunion opens, six years have passed, and Kate is the chief deputy on Ocracoke for the Hyde County Sheriff’s Office, a position that her father held until his death three years ago. Kate is happy with her job and living with her sisters who are now ten and twenty-two.

Then Brock arrives. Never having put any faith in God, he’s a haunted man who is reeling from a case in which an innocent man was executed. With his life falling apart he’s come back to Ocracoke in hopes he can gain forgiveness from Kate and soothe his battered soul. He remembers the words of Kate’s mother the last time they sat on the beach together—We can’t go through life without God. Someday you’re going to think your life is falling apart. Think of me sitting on this beautiful beach God created and come back to Ocracoke. God is everywhere here, Brock. All you have to do is look for Him, and you’ll find the peace you need.

As Brock begins the task of earning Kate’s forgiveness, he discovers the truth of her mother’s words and comes to a new-found faith in God. Together Brock and Kate learn the freedom that comes from forgiving and the peace that God’s love can deliver in the most dangerous situations.

Dangerous Reunion is in stores now. If you missed the trailer, you can see it here.

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