Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cheryl Wyatt Touched by a Special Reader

Cheryl Wyatt here. I had a really neat thing happen to me today. I had a reader, who has also been a friend of our family since childhood, desperately trying to get an older book from my Wings of Refuge Series that she'd been missing. I also haven't seen her since I was in elementary school. When I found out several weeks ago that she was unable to find the book anywhere, I sent her a copy since I had a few left.

For the last couple of months, I've been shopping for a good set of knives. This is something I've never had but that I've been told by those observing my cooking (thanks Camy and Danica and Kristy!) that I need. Apparently every knife I have is dull and cheap. LOL! I almost bought a set day before yesterday but something (God?) stopped me. Not only that, school just started and WOW were supplies expensive. With some other bills coming up, I decided that good knives aren't in my budget this month. Also, my husband and I decided yesterday that we were going to tighten our spending so we would have more money to donate to our new building fund for the church youth group to enjoy. So basically, I gave up on getting good knives for now.

Today my grandmother called me over to her house and told me there was a surprise waiting for me. She beamed as I walked in the door. Next thing I know she's handing me a packet and guess what was in there?

That precious reader and family friend sent me a GORGEOUS set of specialty knives. I tell you when I opened the felt box up and saw that, I just knew it was not only a gift from a thoughtful and perceptive human, it was a gift from God. I had to fight tears back at the touching gesture. So, Marie Allen, if you ever read this...THANK YOU! I will most definitely use them, though they are so pretty all I want to do is look at them. LOL! They'll make many family dinners and snacks and contribute cutery to many potlucks I'm sure as well as meals to families in crisis or brand new mothers who need to rest rather than cook for their families for a few weeks.

So, LI Blog readers, I want to know about you now. What has been your most thoughtful gift lately, either given or received? Why so?

I'd love to hear about it so please chat away!


Cheryl Wyatt


Project Journal said...

Hi Cheryl!
I have two thoughtful "gifts" that have happened to me lately....

1) Yesterday the reading teacher from my old elementary school (she retired last year), saw me at work yesterday. I had a looooooong conversation with her about college and life. She gave me a little bit of piece of mind, which was so nice. It was really great to see her! Luckily I was already off the clock, lol!

2) Today (no this hasn't happened quite yet) my grandparents are taking me out to lunch. Grandma called me this morning and wanted to know if I was too busy to do so. So, in a little while I will go and it will kind of be an official unofficial good bye, if you know what I mean? So, that will be really good too.

Hope all is going well with you and your family. I've been keeping Bridget in mind, hope things are going better with her now...

: )

Talk to you soon!

Cheryl Wyatt said...

Hannah, that is awesome! I know your teachers and family must be very proud of you! Well-deserved, you have worked so hard. Excellent job, girl. Goodbye's are tough but this is a good one, right?

Things are better. Gidge went back to live with her parents and I know it was a God thing. He granted her and her family a second chance to be together. It's a blessing for them and for us to see it happen.


Lyn Cote said...

Cheryl, I'm as pleased as you are. Isn't God wonderful? And how wonderful that your friend was listening when God whispered--"She needs sharp knives."

One caution. If you're used to dull knives, be careful and go slow at first. Those sharp knives move way too quick and zip--you're bleeding! I'll end on that cheerful note.

Daisy said...

Hi Cheryl!

My family has given me many wonderful gifts over the years,but this year, they out did themselves. A few months ago, we were shopping for school supplies and clothes for our two children when my husband gave this amazing gift. While our daughter and I were deciding over her new clothes, he and my son disappeared, saying they would meet me at the registers. When they showed up, they had a 3rd backpack and a bunch of extra school supplies. All for me.

After 14 years of me saying, "Next year, I'll go back to college. We can't afford it this year.", my husband had decided it was "Next year." He's been researching options for me for the last year and with all the online education opportunities some of the expenses we couldn't afford, like an extra vehicle and transportation costs for me and childcare for our youngest, aren't an issue. I'm now a college student again and it feels GREAT!!!

While the gift of finishing my education is amazing, the best gift is the support my family gives me. I have assignments due three days a week, and my husband, who HATES cooking, makes dinner. My daughter is starting to help more around the house, doing her assigned chores without fighting. My son, who has always been my helper and shadow, helps with my homework by making sure I sit down with him while he does his. And every evening when we have our family Bible time, they add me and my school work to their prayers.